Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection – Bring Your Lashes Back To Life?

We’ve all been there.  You apply your mascara at 7 am, go about your day, and by 7 pm, your lashes aren’t looking so great for your dinner plans.  Do you wash your face and start all over?  Ugh, no time for that!  Apply mascara over your crunchy-been-on-all-day lashes?  No, that’d probably look worse. 
ENTER.  The lash resurrector.

 This is Urban Decay’s Mascara Resurrection.  This product promises to bring dry, day old lashes back to life, so you can apply more mascara and be clump free.  This product is infused with a serum, to make lashes soft and ready for another coat, without removing the mascara that is already there.

This product retails for $16, and is just like a regular tube of mascara, but the product is a lightweight, clear gel.  The wand is nice and big, with a curved brush for easy application.  I apply a couple of coats of this to my dry mascara, and it instantly makes them soft again so that I can apply a fresh coat (or two) of my favorite mascara on top.

Have you tried this?

Thanks for reading! xx

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