Remove Makeup With Just a Cloth? | Sephora Black Magic Makeup Remover Cloth Review 

I was so excited to see that this product was back in stock after being out of stock pretty much since it launched.   These are the Sephora Collection Black Magic Makeup Remover Cloths.  I have had my eye on the Original Makeup Eraser, but this one was cheaper ($12 instead of $20) and comes with two cloths instead of just one.

The idea of this product is that you just get it wet with warm water, and it is supposed to remove all of your makeup.  Whaaaat?  I was definitely skeptical, but it had such great reviews that I just had to give it a try.  Imagine never having to buy makeup remover again!  These are $12 for two cloths, which is pricey for washcloths, but think of how much you would save if you didn’t have to buy makeup removers and makeup wipes anymore!

You’re supposed to wash these before using, and you can just throw them in the washing machine with the rest of your towels.  So, I went ahead and washed them and just let them air dry.  The material is so soft, like a nice furry blanket.  I like how they are black, that way they won’t get stained.  After they dried (I air dried, but it says you can tumble dry low), I ran them under warm water until they were fully saturated, and used circular motions to rub the makeup off.  I started with my face makeup and it totally worked.  My foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer…all of it came off (without even scrubbing).  Next, I rubbed it all over my eye area, not any harder than I wipe with my makeup remover, and OMG.  It freaking worked!  All of my eye makeup just magically came off!  HOW?  I wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara, BUT it took off the lash glue remnants and that is usually hard to get off.  It took off all of my eyeliner and eyeshadow.  

I am amazed by this product, and I want to buy another set!  I think this is so much easier (and cheaper!) than buying makeup wipes and makeup remover.  I also think this would be so great for sensitive skin and also so convenient for travel.

Have you tried this out?

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