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 I haven’t used a TON of products from Clinique, but absolutely everything I try, I end up loving- especially the skincare!  Here are my favorites from the brand.


Clinique is best known for their skincare, and for good reason!  I find that they are priced really nice, and the products are really good.

Clarifying Lotion 2 – this is a toner and it really deep cleans pores and restores your skin’s natural ph.  I use the one for dry skin, but they also make one for oily or combination skin.  This really makes my skin feel nice and tingly clean.  

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel – this is a really nice hydrating moisturizer.  The gel formula is actually targeted for oily skin, but I really like it for my dry skin.  They do make a lotion, but I find this one feels lighter and less greasy on the skin.  Great daytime moisturizer.

Smart Custom Repair Serum – I love this serum!  I used up a whole tube of this a little bit ago, and now I’m just using this large sample I have.  This serum is pretty thick and great for nighttime.  It doesn’t feel greasy, and I have noticed that my dark spots are lightening up, and just an overall more even skintone.

Men Oil Control Face Wash – this is my husband’s, but I thought I would mention it because he really loves it.  He says it makes his face feel really clean and it tingles a little when applying.  I have also tried this face wash, and it is really nice.  It really deep cleans without that dry stripped feeling.  It also really does help with keeping your face less shiny throughout the day.



I feel like Clinique is really trying to up their makeup game lately, and I’m loving it!  Everything I’ve tried is really nice quality.

Cheek Pop Blush – these blushes are some of the best I have ever used.  The packaging and the little flower is just adorable!  The blush itself is hard, but very pigmented, like a little brick of blush.  When you swirl your brush in, it’s not powdery at all.  The color stays on my cheeks all day.  I can’t wait to pick up more colors.  This color is called Rosy Pop, and I wear it almost every day.

Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight – this is a cream highlight in the prettiest champagne gold color.  I love to just pat this onto the tops of my cheekbones for a pretty glow without looking glittery.  As soon as this product is blended out, it dries to a powder finish and stays put all day.

I don’t have them at the moment, but the Bottom Lash Mascara and the All About Eyes Concealer are also really good.  The mascara has a teeny wand, perfect for getting your bottom lashes and keeping them smudge and flake free.  The concealer is really pigmented and does cover dark circles really well.  I need to repurchase both of them!  I look forward to trying more new products from the brand.

Do you like Clinique products?

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    1. I love the packaging so much!!! The eyeshadows look so good, can’t wait to try those too 🙂

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