How To Get Swimsuit Ready

Spring is quickly approaching, and that means it’s pool and beach time!  I have a few things that I always like to do to get ready before I put on my swimsuit, and I thought I would share them.  Let’s get ready for spring!


  I swear by this DVD.  I’m old school, and with two kids, I don’t feel like going to the gym.  This workout is 20 minutes a day, has 3 different levels, and after doing it for 30 days straight, you WILL see results.  It’s a mix of cardio, strength, and abs.  I’ve used this DVD for years, and it’s how I lost the baby weight with both of my girls.  It is hard at first, but it gets easier every day.

Whatever exercise you choose, make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day!  Drinking water not only helps with your diet, but also helps to give you glowing skin.


Having soft and smooth skin is a must when wearing a swimsuit.  Exfoliating is really good to do all over your body to slough off all of the dull skin and help make skin glow.  You can make up some an exfoliating scrub by simply mixing up coconut oil, sugar, and an essential oil for scent.  

Don’t forget to use moisturizer after you get out of the shower to keep your skin smooth.  I like to use a separate thick cream for my feet to help them stay soft.


I like to use self tanner in the spring and summer time to give a little bit of color to my skin.  There are tanners that wash off, there are gradual tanners, and there are the spray tanners that will work in just a few hours.  My favorite one to use is FAKE BAKE, and I’ve got a review here for it .

Always exfoliate before using a self tanner to avoid looking patchy, and don’t forget to wash your hands after!


I always like to pair my swimsuit with a brightly colored nail polish on my toes.  These are some of my favorite colors to use and they always make me think of the beach!

What do you like to do to get ready for spring?

xx Amy 

7 thoughts on “How To Get Swimsuit Ready”

    1. Haha me neither, but that’s ok, It’s not good for us anyway! I’m all about the self tanner 🙂

    1. I really like it too,especially since it doesn’t smell bad! I will have to check out the Tone It Up workouts! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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