Spray-On Polish? | Nails Inc Paint Can Demo + Review

I cannot even tell you how long I have been waiting (and waiting) to get my little hands on this!   This is the Nails Inc Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish.  I heard about it coming months back, and it just recently became available here in the states!  I’m talking about spray-on nail polish!  I believe Nails Inc is the first to launch this new beauty-craze, and I was SO excited to get to try it out.

This product retails for $12, and comes in 3 different colors, a hot pink, a metallic silver, and a pale pink neutral color.  I chose the pale pink, called Mayfair Lane.  This color has a slight shimmer and is really pretty.  

So, the directions say to apply a base coat first.  They do sell a base +top coat specifically to go with this product, but it says on the bottle that you can use your own.  

It then says to let that dry for a few minutes, and then shake up the can, hold it 10-15 cm away from the nail, and spray it directly on the nail.  It then says to wait for that to dry for a few minutes and then to apply a topcoat.  

After that dries, use warm soapy water to remove the excess polish from your skin.

Seems easy right?  Let’s try it!

The first time I tried this, it was a disaster and left me with chipped, peeling nails an hour after application. I changed a few things and it worked out better for me.

Here’s what I used.  

First, you’ll want to protect your floor or countertop with some paper towels, because it does kind of go everywhere! I then applied Julep’s Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and waited for that to dry.  


After it dried, I held the can above my nails, and pushed down hard for just a split second until the nail was coated. The first time I did it, I didn’t push it down hard, and it didn’t work, and came out all uneven, so the trick is to push down hard to make sure you are getting more color out.


After that dried for a few minutes, I applied the Formula X Top Coat and that worked out well.  The first time I did this, I applied Seche Vite topcoat, and for some reason, it didn’t work. It bubbled up on the nails, and it didn’t make them come out shiny.  It also chipped almost immediately.

After the topcoat dried, I soaked my hands in hot soapy water for about 2-3 minutes, and then rubbed off the excess. It does take a little bit of work, but soaking them really helps.


So, here’s my verdict.

If you are looking for a quicker, easier way to paint your nails, this isn’t it.  The polish does go on quicker, but having to rub off the excess takes a little bit.

I feel like this product would be really good for someone who has  trouble painting their nails.  It goes on even and opaque, and it’s easy to spray it on.

This isn’t a long lasting nail polish. It only is supposed to last UP TO 4 days.  It starts chipping pretty quickly.  I can make regular nail polish last a full week without chipping.

This is more of a novelty item; something really cool to try out, but I wouldn’t use this all the time.  If you love doing your nails and like to try things like this, you’ll like it! 

Hope you enjoyed this review!  Are you curious to try this?

6 thoughts on “Spray-On Polish? | Nails Inc Paint Can Demo + Review”

    1. It is fun! Rubbing the polish off is a bit of a hassle. I think it would be really good for those who don’t really know how to paint their nails! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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