Things I’m Loving | Personalized Jewelry

Lately, I have really been into wearing a lot of jewelry, especially bracelets.  I really like the look of customizable or engraveable jewelry, and the sentiment that goes along with it.  The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get this look!  Here are some of my favorite pieces. I’ve talked about my Alex and Ani obsession before, and it’s still going strong.  They have these adjustable bangle bracelets that I love.  They come in gold or silver, and they come with a ton of different charms you can choose from.  I have two gold ones, one with an A and also with a Leo Zodiac sign.  I also have two from my mom – one with my birthstone (peridot) and one that says daughter.  I also have others with feathers and things that aren’t personalized.  They really do carry something for everyone, and these are such a great gift to give.  Check them out here.


I’ve also really been into cuffs, especially these thin, dainty cuffs from Fashioned By Hand on Etsy.  This shop engraves customizeable pieces at very affordable prices.  I have one that has my wedding date in Roman numerals, and one with my two girls’ names.  I love these, and they look so pretty stacked together or layered with other pieces.


I’m really not a necklace person at all, but I have been wearing a few things lately.  Of course, my nameplate (Carrie Bradshaw) necklace that I love from My Name Necklace is a must.  Also, I’ve been wearing my little gold disc necklace from Posh Mommy.  This necklace has my eldest daughter’s name (still have to get one with little sis’s name) and it has her birthstone (emerald) and birthday on the back.

I also love monograms, so I’ve been wearing this gold monogram necklace a ton lately.  This is a necklace I just happened upon at Nordstrom Rack, and it has three A’s on it.  This represents me and my two daughters, Allison and Ashley.  Funny enough, I bought this before Ashley was born, I knew she was a girl, and I knew I wanted to name her Ashley. 🙂

Do you like personalized jewelry?

 Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving | Personalized Jewelry”

  1. I LOVE personalized jewelry that no one knows about. Rings engraved inside, my new Alexis Bittar ring that flips over and says whatever in French hidden below a solid gem on the front.
    Adore the idea of stacking too!

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