Too Faced SEMI-SWEET Chocolate Bar Palette Review + Swatches

I absolutely love Too Faced, they are probably my favorite brand out there because of their adorable packaging and amazing products.

Today we’re going to talk about the second of their chocolate bar palettes, this is the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.


Just like the first Chocolate Bar Palette, this comes in a metal case with a magnetic closure.  The color of this case is a lighter brown than the original.  I feel like the magnetic case is really nice, durable, and helps prevent the shadows from breaking.

Here are all of them open, you can see that they all have very different colors.  They all have the delicious chocolate smell, and all of the names of the shadows are dessert-themed.  Love that.


I’ve already shown some love for the Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Bon Bon Palettes here and here, so today lets show some love for the Semi Sweet one!  

As you can see, the shades in this palette are pretty warm toned.  Like the other two palettes, there is a mix of matte and shimmer shades.  There is also two larger highlight shades, which I love, because I tend to use those with any look I create.  Just like the other palettes, there are 16 shades total.  The shades are all creamy, soft, and easy to blend.

 Here are the first eight shades. 

Licorice– this is a standard matte black, and I love that this was included.  I like to use black to deepen up looks for a smoky eye.

Cocoa Chili- this is a medium toned brown with golden shimmer.  This is a really pretty lid color or a nice color to drag underneath the lower lashline.

Rum Raisin- this color is a lighter brown with some silvery shimmer.  This shade is really flattering as a lid color.

Coconut Creme- this color is a matte yellow toned highlight color that is a must for every look. I like to use a matte highlight for my browbone, but a shimmery highlight for my inner corners.  This palette has both, which is perfect.

Pink Sugar – this color is a very very light pink, it really doesn’t come off with any pink on the skin.  It is chock full of iridescent glitter, and it has such a pretty effect on the eyes.  I use this as a shadow topper or in the inner corners.

Mousse – this color is a matte medium toned brown that is more on the warm side.  I like to use this color to deepen up the crease, and it practically goes with any look.

Puddin’ – this is a deeper matte brown, and I like to use this to create deeper nighttime looks as an alternative to black.  This color also works for my eyebrows.

Caramel – I love this color!  This is a true, warm toned shimmery gold.  I love this underneath the lower lashline.

Here are swatches in order.

Here are the next eight.   

Nougat– this one I like to use to lay down as a base after my primer.  This is a matte tan color, almost the same color as my skintone.  I find that when I lay this color down first, the other shadows blend really nicely on top.

Blueberry Swirl- this color looks blue in the pan, but actually comes off like a deep shimmery silver gray on me.

Bon Bon- this color is very similar to caramel, but a little bit lighter.  It isn’t as orangey, and it’s very pretty as a lid color.

Truffled – this is  deep matte brown, similar to puddin’, but more warm toned.  This is really nice for deepening up the crease or the outer v areas of the eyes.

Peanut Butter– this color is what inspired the new Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette that was just released.  This is a matte, orange-y brown that I LOVE for a warmer coppery eye look.

Butter Pecan– this is the other highlight color, and this is a champagne gold shimmer that is really pretty as an inner corner highlight, or even a lid color if you are doing a lighter eye look.

Hot Fudge – this is a deep brown (almost black) with golden shimmer.  I love this as liner or to really deepen up and smoke out a warm toned look.

Frosting– this color is a lighter shimmery brown, probably my favorite neutral lid color of the palette.


I think all of these shades are super wearable, and I think that you could create lots of different looks.  This palette is more on the warm toned side vs. the other two palettes, so if you like more warm tones, you will love this palette.

This palette currently retails for $49, and is available from Too Faced, Ulta, and Sephora.

Which Too Faced palette is your favorite?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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