REVIEW | Fake Bake 60 Minute Self Tan

In the summertime I like to use self-tanner.  Tanning outside is just not an option for me, as I am fair skinned and I worry too much about skin cancer.  My favorite self tanner of all time is the Fake Bake Flawless.  I have used this tanner for a couple of years, and it’s awesome.  Before I found Fake Bake, I had tried pretty much every single self tanner on the market; always searching for the perfect one.  I have a whole review on this self tanner here, and it’s just perfect.  It’s a spray liquid, comes with a mitt for streak-free application, and it’s not orangey at all.

I recently decided to try out their quicker version, the Fake Bake 60 Minute  Tan.  I purchased this on Amazon for around $13.

Like the original Fake Bake Flawless, it comes with the tanning spray in a 8 oz bottle, a tanning mitt, and gloves.  I immediately was like, “yay a pink mitt!” haha. 

So the instructions say to exfoliate before using, which I always like to do.  Exfoliating before applying helps the tanner to stick to your skin better.  

It then says to spray the liquid directly onto the mitt, and use circular motions to buff into your skin.  It also says to wash your hands after- make sure to do that.  

It says that you can leave the tanner on for 60 minutes for a golden tan, 2 hours for a bronze tan, and 3 hours for a deep dark tan.  It also says on the bottle to NOT leave this tanner on for more than 3 hours, unlike most tanners that you can sleep in.

Immediately I was a little peeved.  When I purchased this product, I was under the impression that this would give me the full tan in one hour, but it states that for best results you should leave it on for 3 hours.  The original Fake Bake tells you to leave it on for at least 4 hrs, so this product still gives you a tan in less time.

The Application

First, I exfoliated with a nice sugar scrub to remove any of the dead skin cells.  

I then put on one of the gloves onto my right hand (since I’m right handed) and placed the mitt over the glove.  Not only does the glove help to protect your hand from getting stained, but it also helps the mitt from slipping off.

I sprayed about 10 sprays directly onto the mitt and immediately thought “oh boy, this looks green!”

It definitely is a green/black color, that was a little scary!  I buffed it into my skin and it definitely gave my skin a green tint.  You want to work quickly while doing this, and make sure to go over multiple times with the mitt.  It dries quickly and non-sticky.

After I was done, I washed my mitt and the color completely came out of the mitt, so I knew that the green tint was just the color guide.  This product didn’t have as much of a color guide as the original and was a little bit more difficult to blend because of that.  The original formula has a very brown color that turns you instantly very brown.  This product gave me a green tint but didn’t turn me immediately tan.  

Because of this, I would not recommend using this before going out.  I would use this when you have time to be at home, and can wash it off before leaving. Like any self- tanner, it does smell.  At first, it smells tropical, like coconut, but as it wears, it develops that “self tanner smell”, but I don’t mind much because I do not wear this out of the house.

I left this tan on for one hour, washed it off, and I noticed that the green did come off in the shower.  It left me with a tiny bit of a tan.  So little that it barely shows in my before and after pictures.  I was disappointed by this, but the little bit of a tan that it left was non-streaky, even, and not orange-y, so that was good.

The next day I decided to try it again and leave it on for the full three hours, so I repeated the application process and waited.  After three hours, I washed it off and didn’t see much difference.  I do have a little bit of a tan, but nothing like the original Fake Bake gives me.

Here are pictures of before, after one hour, and after three hours. These pretty much look exactly the same to me; this tanner did nothing.

I will definitely be sticking with the regular formula from now on.  That formula has an extreme color guard so you can tell exactly where you are applying it, it doesn’t have a green tone, and it gives a much deeper tan.  The downside is that it does take four or more hours to develop, but it’s worth it for a nice tan!

I hope this review was helpful if you are looking for a new self tanner to try!

What’s your favorite tanning product?

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