On My Nails | CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

I am always on the hunt for a long lasting nail polish.  I usually paint my nails once or twice a week, so I like to try new brands and different formulas.  I had this particular brand on my shopping list for ULTA after seeing it in a magazine.  This is the CND Vinylux Nail Color in the color Cake Pop.  

This is marketed as a “weekly polish”, and is supposed to last for a full 7 days.  I definitely had to try it out.  Here is a picture right after application.

I used two coats of this very opaque color and topped it off with my Seche Vite topcoat.  The description actually says NOT to use a basecoat with it.  

This color is very neutral, almost like a white with a tiny bit of pink-y purple to it.  The application was very nice and it dried quickly.  It is a creme polish (no shimmer) and wasn’t streaky at all.  

The picture below was taken today- the 7th day of having it on.  As you can see-no chips and no tip wear!  I am very hard on my nails, which is why I keep them short.  I am so impressed with this polish!

Here is a picture of it outside in natural light- isn’t it a beautiful color?  Goes with everything!

I love this color, and can’t wait to try more!

Have you tried this brand?

8 thoughts on “On My Nails | CND Vinylux Weekly Polish”

  1. I tried this polish a few weeks ago too and am just as obsessed! I went back and bought 3? 4? other colors! My only thing is that I like to change up my polish well before this polish wears off – a good problem to have!

    1. Oh my gosh! You just read my mind! I just made another post on Insta about it. It is life changing!!! Yes, I like to change my polish before it wears off too! But last week I was like hey, it still looks good! Haha

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