5 Cool Beauty Tools

Today I’m going to be sharing 5 of my favorite beauty tools!  These are very helpful and creative tools in my beauty routine that help make life easier!  

False Lashes Applicator – this is kind of gimmicky- but it actually does help grab the lashes and make for easier application.  You simply pick the lashes up and position then exactly where you want them.  The arched design of the clamp allows you to get right up to the lashline to apply (it’s foolproof!)  This is a great tool for those who are new to false eyelashes or just have trouble placing them.

Sephora Collection Black Magic Makeup Remover Cloths – I have a full review on these here, and basically they are cloths that easily remove makeup without any product, just water.  I don’t have to buy makeup remover anymore; I simply use these everyday to remove my makeup.  They are also machine washable and come in a pack of two.

Brush Egg – when cleaning my makeup brushes in the past, I would just wet the brush, grab some soap, and swirl the brush in the palm of my hand.  This is a fine method and has worked for many years, but now I love to use this little brush egg!  This is a silicone little egg that you put your fingers in and swirl the brushes on the ridges to clean them.  This helps me clean my brushes so fast, and my hand stays dry and not pruny!  Love this little thing.

Makeup Sponge – what did I use before these to apply my makeup?!!  I seriously have to use one of these every single day.  In all honesty, I PREFER the Real Techniques sponge over the Beauty Blender because I love the flat side, and it’s so much cheaper.  To me, it’s just as soft as the Beauty Blender.  I dampen these with water, squeeze out all the excess water, pump some foundation on it, and pounce it all over my face.  It makes any foundation look so natural.  I’ve got a full review here for the Real Techniques Sponge.

Nail Buffer – I do my own nails, and this little tool makes my nails look so good.  It has four sides, File, Smooth, Buff, and Shine.  I use the first to sides to help even the nails out and remove any ridges or imperfections in the nails, and then the last two sides to make them shiny and smooth.  Nail polish goes on so much smoother and evenly after I use this little block.  It’s a manicure must have!

Have you tried any of these tools?

xx amy

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