Mood Lipstick?  Lipstick Queen Frog Prince

Do y’all remember mood lipsticks?  Total 90’s flashback here!  I loved how they “magically” changed from green or blue to pink!  A couple of months ago, I saw that one of my favorite lipstick brands, Lipstick Queen, had released a “mood lipstick” of their own.  This lipstick is called Frog Prince, and is so beautiful.

Not gonna lie, this gorg metallic pink packaging also sucked me in! All of Lipstick Queen’s lipsticks cases are a nice metal, and feel very substantial and expensive.  Now, this lipstick is green-really green!  Just like a frog.

When I first applied this lipstick, it was just like all of the other Lipstick Queen colors, smooth, balmy, and just really nice and hydrating on the lips.  It really does just feel like a tinted balm.

So, at first swipe, it’s a little green looking!

But then, it magically transforms into a pretty rosy pink!  My lips but better, if you will.

I love this!  It is so smooth and shiny.  It wore for a couple of hours, but after it wore off, it left behind a pretty stain.

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xx amy

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