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Essie is a nail polish brand that always has beautiful colors.  I am always attracted to the shades and often times they are very unique colors that you can’t get with any other brand.  Out of all of my nail polish, I have the most colors from Essie.  Who can resist these cute little bottles?! Here are some of my faves.

Cute As A Button – this is one of my favorites for my toes, but also looks really good on my fingers.  It is this bright coral creme, sooo good for summertime!

Style Cartel – I like this one as an alternative to black, which I don’t feel suits me.  This is a deep midnight blue creme that is so chic!

Play Date – I love a nice purple shade, and this one is a medium toned purple creme – but it’s bright.  It’s just the perfect purple for all year round. 

Mint Candy Apple – I really have a thing for blue nail polish.  Any tone of blue nail polish, I just love. This color is a light sky blue creme and seriously just makes my nails pop.  

Chinchilly – I LOVE this gray color for fall and winter.  Talk about chic and sophisticated.  This shade with a turtleneck sweater and boots?  Girl.

Mod Square – I actually just finished up a bottle of this polish.  This is my favorite hot pink for my toes, and I use it constantly.  I also like to wear it on my nails too, though! 

Go Ginza – this is a really neutral light purple gray color.  This is the type of shade you could wear when you are a little bit dressy or have an event to go to.  I feel like it would match everything, and it wouldn’t be too over the top and bright.

Bikini So Teeny – this is my all-time favorite Essie color.  There really isn’t any other colors out there quite like this one.  It is a periwinkle blue with a slight shimmer that is GORGEOUS.  

What’s your favorite Essie shade?

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Thanks for reading! xx

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