New Fall Bag (Under $30!) | What’s In My Purse

My birthday was a few weeks ago, and one of the gifts from my parents was a new bag!  Everyone who knows me knows that bags are definitely my thing, and I love them!  I also really love World Market, and that’s where this adorable bag is from.  They have the cutest bags, accessories, and jewelry!

So the name of this bag is the Blue Carpet Woven Bucket Bag.  I love the look of this bag.  It’s bohemian, it has fringe, it’s crossbody… I just love everything about it!  My mom also got me the matching little cosmetic pouch, which is so cute and holds a lot!

So this bag is slouchy and made from a woven fabric.  It has a long crossbody strap and two drawstrings on the side that you can cinch in for a more bucket look.  I like to cinch them in and tie them into bows.  

Inside the bag, there is a zip pocket on one side that I like to use for my wallet, and then two little pockets on the opposite side that I like to use for my phone and sunglasses, so I can get to those easily.  The bag has a little button snap closure.

Want to see what’s inside?!  I LOVE seeing what is in other people’s bags.  I’m nosy like that.  Do you guys like it too?

So, with an unstructured bag like this, I HAVE to use pouches.  It’s the only way I’ll ever find anything!  I keep a ton of stuff in the matching pouch.

See, told you it holds a lot!

  • Marc Jacobs Key Holder– I like this because they keys won’t scratch anything!  It holds 6 keys.  (I couldn’t find the exact one I have, so I linked a similar one)
  • Little printed canvas pouch for cards I don’t use as often, like Ulta, Sephora, insurance cards, etc. (I think the pouch was from Whole Foods- it was a gift)
  • Louis Vuitton Key Pouch – I use this pouch for my cards I use a lot (debit, credit), drivers license, and cash.  (monogram multicolor was d/c last year, but I linked a diff color)

  • I also like to keep this little black pouch in my bag with a couple of small coloring/word search books and some crayons in it for the girls.  This comes in so handy at restaurants!
  • Pull-Ups for my potty training girl.
  • Uber Mom Wipes Case – love this little hard plastic case for wipes!
  • ZeroUv sunglasses 

That’s it for my bag!  What are your must have products in your bag?

xx Amy 

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