Budgeproof Lips | How To Keep Lip Color On ALL DAY

I know glossy lips are on trend right now, but I am still on the liquid lip train!  Who else is with me?  I just love the look of matte lips, and the fact that liquid lipsticks stay on so long!  I have a few tips to share to keep them lookin good LONGER!


You can use a fancy lip scrub, or you can just go in the kitchen and mix up some sugar and coconut oil and scrub your lips.  This gets rid of any dead skin and flakiness, and preps your lips for some color!


Lining my lips and then filling them in with lipliner helps my liquid lipstick apply SO EVENLY!  It also helps with the liquid lipstick wearing off, because you’ve still got color under there!  And don’t worry about matching the lipliner exactly!  A nude shade is a nude shade.


I wiped all the product off of the applicators, and then swatched.  STILL OPAQUE, and not gloopy.

Liquid lipsticks are made to last on the lips for a long time, but you don’t need a lot of product at all!  A lot of people don’t like liquid lips because they are using way too much product.  Wipe off the applicator, and apply a very tiny amount of color.  Since its liquid, it’s a more pigmented version of lipstick, and you don’t need a lot.  With the lipliner underneath, it should be easy to blend out a small amount.  It should feel like there is nothing on your lips.


Adding a gloss overtop compromises wear time.  It breaks down the lipstick, and although it looks pretty, don’t apply it if you need your lipcolor to last.


Liquid lipsticks are buildable, but only if you use a small amount.  After I apply the first thin coat, I let it almost dry, and then I blot.  I make sure it is completely dry, and I take a little bit more and go over again.  

Your lipcolor will not budge!

Hope these tips helped you fellow liquid lip lovers!

xx Amy 

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