FALSE LASHES | Favorites, Tips & Tricks 

I just love a good set of false lashes.  I have pretty short lashes, and I think that applying false lashes is a lot easier than just piling on coat after coat of mascara.  With the right practice, the right lash, and a good glue, you  too can learn to love false lashes.

Let’s start off with a few of my favorite lashes.  The Red Cherry Lashes in #213 Harley are my go-to.  I describe them as “my lashes, but better” because they are probably the most natural looking false lashes I’ve ever tried.  They add just the right length and volume, without looking too over the top.  The Ardell Demi Wispies are also a really nice non-dramatic looking lash.  They are a bit longer on the outer portion than the other, so they give a pretty, cat-eye look.  They are really fluttery and soft.

Another really great set are the V73 Volumize Lashes by Revlon.  These are really similar to the Ardell, but they aren’t as thick.  I like how the lash band is really thin on these.  Now, for a dramatic lash, I love these Boudoir set from House of Lashes.  These are super dramatic, sexy lashes.  They are thicker in the middle and go out thinner on the sides.  They are so flirty and beautiful with a smokey eye.  Perfect for a date night.

I always re-use my lashes, so I really like this little case from House of Lashes.  It has little compartments to keep three sets, and you can even fit a little thing of glue in here.  Perfect for travel, but I like to just keep it out on my vanity.  Similar here.

Applying lashes is simple; all it takes is a little bit of practice.  The kind of glue that you use is very important- I have thrown out tons of brands of glue because they just didn’t cut it.  You don’t want your lash falling off during a date or a special event, so make sure the glue you have is a good one.  Here are my faves.  They all have brush on applicators; I don’t like the tubes; I always get too much glue on my lash with the squeeze tubes.

House of Lashes Dark Tone Glue, House of Lashes Regular Glue, Revlon Lash Adhesive, and Duo Brush On Adhesive.  These are all really nice, they go on smoothly, and they won’t budge.  All of them are under $8!


Before you put your lashes on, measure them against your eye, and if they are too long, you may need to trim them.  I use a tiny pair of manicure scissors to trim mine.  

I then take my eyelash curler and curl my natural lashes, and apply one coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.  I don’t like to put mascara on the false lashes after I apply them, because that would just be a pain to remove from the lashes.  One coat of mascara helpsthem blend  in with the falsies.

Apply a thin strip of glue to the lash band, concentrating on the edges, because those tend to lift faster.  Depending on what glue you’re using, you may need to wait for the glue to become tacky.  The House of Lashes adhesives are ready to apply immediately, but the others (especially Duo) you will need to wait 30-45 seconds before applying.  The glue will be too watery and won’t stick if you don’t let it get tacky first.

Now to apply the lashes, you can just use your fingers, but if you are a beginner, you can use tweezers or a lash grabbing tool like the one pictured with the lash case to apply.  I recommend placing the lash in the middle of your lashline first, and then apply the sides, starting with the inner corner, and then the outer corner.  This way you will make sure to have it secured.  I always like to go over he band with a little bit of liquid liner, and keep extra glue in my purse just in case!

I hope these tips were useful!

Thanks for reading -xx

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