Obsessed : JULEP Paula

Blue is probably my favorite color to wear on my nails.  I love to wear all shades of blue, from pastel to navy.  I feel like blue is so flattering on nails and there are tons of shades to choose from.

This color is called Paula by Julep.  It is a sort of, royal blue.  It has a lot of purple to it, though.  It is an absolutely gorgeous color, and has a gold micro glitter in it that gives a nice sheen to the nails.  

I love Julep polishes because they always have very unique colors, and also different types of finishes compared to other brands.  This finish gives a glitter sparkle without being gritty feeling like big chunks of glitter.

I applied two coats of this polish to my nails, finished off with Seche Vite topcoat and it is totally opaque.  This polish went on without being streaky, and I just love the look of it!

Do you like blue nail polish?

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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