REVIEW | Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

I’ll admit it, I’ve had this foundation in my drawer for awhile.  The concept kind of, scares me!  I mean, spray on makeup?  It just sounds like a mess!  But, I was very curious to try this.  I want to look airbrushed!

This is the Sephora Collection Perfect Mist Airbrush Foundation

I purchased the shade fair (light with a neutral undertone), which is a lot darker than the painted swatch on the can.  I would definitely look up actual swatches online or go in store to swatch this for yourself.  The swatch is very light and very yellow on the can, but the color inside looks like a good match for me.

This foundation comes in a metal can containing 2.5 oz of product, and promises “quick and easy professional airbrush results at home”.  This foundation is oil free,  fragrance free, and provides 10 hour wear.  It retails for $28 at Sephora.

The directions say to shake well for 5 seconds (it sounds just like spray paint), and then after covering hair and clothes, to hold the can 10 inches away and spray.  It says to blend out with a brush, or you can just spray it directly onto a brush and blend.  

This formula is very lightweight, so a brush is probably your best bet, versus a sponge that would soak up a lot of the product.

I moisturized and didn’t apply any primer before using.

I sprayed this directly onto my face, and to my surprise, it actually didn’t get all in my hair or anything.  I sprayed some on my forehead, both cheeks, and chin in short quick bursts.  I then blended it in with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – any dense brush will work.  After blending, I noticed that it did look very smooth and nice on the skin.  It felt pretty weightless.

Here it is on my face.  No filter, no powder.  You can see all of the freckles, but it did even out my skin tone and give a satin finish.

I’m so squinty- it was sunny out!

  After a little bit, I noticed a bit of oxidation, but nothing too bad.  The final result was pretty good- and it gave a light coverage.  I wanted to see if it was buildable, so I added another layer to it, and it was still pretty light coverage.

I have dry skin, and this foundation started to break up on me after about 4 hours.  I tried to blot with a shine sheet, and that helped a bit.  

My verdict is that this is a good foundation for you know, day to day if you want a light coverage.  It is very easy to apply, blends out nicely, but doesn’t last long.  I didn’t notice that it made me any more airbrushed looking than regular foundation. 

I probably won’t repurchase this again, but I’ll definitely use it up on days when I want the “no makeup” type of look. 

Have you tried this foundation?

Thanks for reading! xx

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