Have We Been Washing Our Hair Wrong? | TRESemme Reverse System Review 

Hello!  Today I have a review for you on a fairly new hair care system that has launched.  I had seen this in stores and magazines, but was hesitant to try it out.  My best friend April mentioned to me that she wanted to try it out, so we decided to both try it and see how it worked.  We were both SO EXCITED and immediately bought it.

This is the TRESemme Reverse Hair Care System.

I was hesitant to try it out because you are supposed to condition first, and then shampoo.  My immediate thoughts were that the shampoo would just wash out the conditioner and leave my hair super dry.  

I purchased these from my local Wal-Mart for $4.94 apiece.  They also have them on Amazon here.  Step 1 is the Pre-wash Conditioner, which comes in a 16.5 oz bottle with a pump, and then Step 2 is the Shampoo, which is a 25 oz bottle.  We couldn’t quite figure out why the bottles were different sizes, maybe because you use more of the shampoo?  Even so, they are great prices for the amount of product you get.

So, first off, I love the pump on the conditioner!  I wish the shampoo had one.  Also, the smell of these products is classic TRESemme.  Smells so good and reminds me of when I was younger and used the brand all the time.

TRESemme says that using conditioner after shampooing can weigh hair down, and using it first before shampooing can still leave hair soft and silky without that weighed down feeling.

The directions say to start off with the Step 1 Pre Wash Conditioner, and apply 2-3 pumps throughout hair, and leave on for one minute.  I applied about 4 pumps of this to my hair, because I have long, thick hair, and 2-3 didn’t feel like enough.  I only applied from my ears down (like any other conditioner), waited one minute, and then rinsed.  I was worried at first because the conditioner has a thin consistency to it, and frankly, doesn’t feel that special.  After I rinsed it though, my hair felt SUPER soft and silky.

Next I applied Step 2, the shampoo.  I applied a generous amount (almost a palmful) to my hair, and it lathered quickly and was very sudsy.  It felt like any other shampoo until I RINSED.  It felt like I had just applied conditioner, but still felt very clean.

After I got out, I dried my hair, and I noticed that my hair came out very straight with this.  Usually I have a bit of wave to my hair, but this totally left it sleek and straight after drying.  April said it left hers very sleek too, and she noticed less frizz on a humid day.

So, bottom line is, April and I both love this system.  We LOVE the smell, and I noticed that the smell lingers throughout the day, which is so nice.   We both love how silky and soft our hair comes out with this.

I would recommend trying this out if you are looking for a new shampoo/conditioner!

Thanks for reading! xx

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