Pamper Yourself | Sheet Masks + Clay Masks

I usually like to treat myself to a face mask a few times a week.  You know, paint my nails, drink some wine, do a mask, have myself a little pamper sesh.  Do you guys love to do this too?  

Make sure that you don’t put on a face mask and then paint your nails though…I made that mistake and JJ had to wash my mask off for me cause my nails were wet. Haha. #helplesswhiledrying

Anyway, there are two types of masks that I like to use- ones that hydrate and plump the skin, and ones that clear pores and deep cleanse.  I am not a fan at all of the super popular peel off masks- I find them really painful and like they pull off the top layer of my skin.

I love a good sheet mask for hydration.  You just place the mask on, let it work for 20-30 minutes, take it off, and then smooth the serum or gel into your skin-no rinsing needed!  I find these to be like a deep moisturizing treatment, and they leave my skin so hydrated and smooth afterward.  

Karuna Masks are super luxurious, and I save these for special occasions.  I get the Masqueology and Tony Moly masks from Amazon, (11 masks for $11!) and then the Yes To brand makes a ton of different ones.  

Also, there are these tiny little patches for your eyes that you put right up under your eye.  These are so hydrating and cool on the undereye area.  Love these!

The Klorane ones come in a big pack and I love the smell of these.  They really do a great job of hydrating, also from Sephora are their eye masks which I love too.  They come in a ton of different kinds.  Also, these Tony Moly eye patches are really nice. 

I also love to use clay masks for deep cleaning, clearing pores, and brightening my complexion.  Usually with clay masks, you don’t leave them on as long as the sheet masks, because they do harden up and require rinsing.  I love how my skin feels after a nice clay mask.

I will forever love this Freeman Mint and Lemon mask, it smells so good and really deep cleans.  I have mentioned this Sephora Collection mud mask and compared it to the Glamglow mask here, and I’ve repurchased it so many times-it’s amazing!  Also, this Origins Rose Clay one is sooo nice and leaves my skin super smooth.
What is your favorite mask?

Thanks for reading! xx

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