5 Spring FASHION Staples

Hello!  I have been loving doing all of these springy posts!  I’ve already done my 5 Spring Beauty Staples, one all about Spring Cleaning, and today I have my 5 Spring Fashion Staples for the season!

The hottest trend that I am seeing everywhere are tops that show off shoulders.  I’ve always loved tops like this- they are flirty and not too revealing.  Very feminine looking.

Off shoulder tops like this one are so flattering and comfy.  This top is also adorable with jean shorts.

Cold shoulder tops are also so flattering and feminine.  This one is so soft and flowy.  Shoulders are so in this season!

Something else I love and always pull out for spring is a nice lightweight denim jacket.  This jacket goes with EVERYTHING, and is perfect to go over a dress or top if you get a little bit chilly.

Another thing that I wear a ton of are strappy sandals.  As you can tell, I prefer brown/tan colored sandals, and I’m loving the tan and multicolored ones I’ve seen recently!

I love to wear skirts almost as much as I love wearing dresses, and midi skirts like this one are a must have!

It’s tiered with short and long ruffles and I’m just obsessed with it.  So girly.  You could dress this up or down.

The last thing are hats.  I am a huge hat person in warmer weather.  Not only do they protect your face, but they look so cute, and no one will even know if you are having a bad hair day!

My favorite fedora, and a camo cap are some of my faves.

What are you loving for spring?

xx amy

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