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When we were building our home, I requested for the builder to have wooden medicine cabinets put into every bathroom. I love the idea of a medicine cabinet, because you can fit so much in it, and it’s easy to have access to all of the products you need in a daily basis.  I don’t like a lot of clutter on the bathroom counters, so this helps to keep the clutter hidden and looks more organized.  I originally got this idea from my friend, Gillian, of A Pretty Trippy Blog, who did a Medicine Cabinet post awhile back!  I loved seeing what she had in hers, so here is what I keep in mine!

On the bottom shelf I keep mostly hair products.  This shelf is the tallest, so I can fit larger items here.  I have a couple of my favorite dry shampoos, a hair serum to apply to my hair if I’m wearing it straight and want a sleek look, a hairspray, a blow dry/heat protectant spray, a wave/texturizing spray, and lastly (not a hair product) but my makeup removing water.

The next shelf up has my skincare.  I’ve got a few samples I’m trying to use up, my lip scrub, eye cream, my retinol treatment, sunscreen, my everyday moisturizer, and deodorant.

Lastly, the top shelf has my dental products and some cotton pads.  I’ve got dental floss, my toothpaste, and toothbrush up here.

As you can see, everything I need for the day is right here at arm’s reach!  I am able to fit so much into here and I love not having anything on my countertops.

Do you use a medicine cabinet?  What’s in yours?

xx Amy 

8 thoughts on “Home Organization | Medicine Cabinet Essentials”

  1. I wish I had a Medicine Cabinet. I hate my Bathroom above my sink for storage. It is very unreliable. So I just use my closet.

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