Makeup Storage + Organization

The way that I have stored my makeup has changed in the past few years, but I finally found something that I have stuck with for awhile, and that works for me!

I store my “everyday” or “most used” makeup in this acrylic drawer set.  This is not one of those huge expensive ones, but it works to store the majority of my makeup, and I like how it keeps everything organized and dust free.  I keep this right on top of my vanity, so everything I need is in here.

The top section is open and I’m able to store a lot up here.  I have upcycled old Bath and Body Works candle containers here and use those to store my brushes and my most used lip products.  I like how they are clear and they are short so it’s easy to see everything in there.  Also, I have a small glass container that I keep makeup sponges in.  I also usually have some sort of setting or hydrating spray up here.

There are three drawers, and each drawer is the same size and comes with a clear acrylic divider that you can take out and move around.  Let’s see the first drawer.  I have primers, concealers, and powders in the left section, and my foundations and a setting spray in the right side.

The second drawer has some cheek products.  The left side has a few bronzing powders and blushes, and then the right side has some highlighters.

The last drawer has eye products.  The left side has my eyebrow products, eyelash products, eyeliners, and also some tools like an eyelash curler, manicure scissors, and tweezers.  The right side has eyeshadow primers and eyeshadows.  I can’t fit any palettes  in here, but I do have some smaller duos and single shadows in here.

The rest of my makeup I store in an IKEA Alex Drawer set that is right next to my vanity.  This is also a very easy way to store makeup.  I also store things like makeup bags and other beauty products in there.

How do you organize your makeup?

4 thoughts on “Makeup Storage + Organization”

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I love seeing people’s makeup storage too! It gives me such good ideas 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

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