I recently decluttered my nail polish racks, and I thought it would be fun to show you my collection and all of my favorite nail colors!

I paint my nails usually once or twice a week, and my nails are pretty much always polished- so, you know, I need options!  While decluttering, I did try to get rid of colors that were similar, but it was definitely hard to part with some!  You’ll notice I have a lot of “bubblegum pinks”, as that is my favorite color to wear.  I will mark my all time favorites with asterisks.  Enjoy! 


I have all of my colors organized on these two acrylic racks that are situated side by side on one of the walls in my closet.  I have had these for about four years now, and I’m very pleased with them.  They each hold about 30-40 nail polishes, depending on the size of your bottles.

Let’s start off with the top 2 rows.  These are all of my Essie polishes.  Not my favorite formula, but they always come out with the best colors.

First row:


  • Blanc – snowy white
  • Lovie Dovie – flamingo pink
  • Madison Ave-Hue – purpley pink with microshimmer 
  • Mod Square – electric pink *
  • Cute As A Button – bright coral
  • Peach Daiquiri – darker peachy coral
  • Dress To Kilt  – dark blood red
  • S’il Vous Play – foiled metallic pink
  • Go Ginza – soft light lavender
  • Bond With Whomever – lilac

Second Row:


  • Play date – soft purple *
  • Mint Candy Apple – green blue mint *
  • Virgin Snow – icy blue lavender*
  • Bikini So Teeny – sparkling cornflower blue *
  • Style Cartel – inky cobalt blue
  • Buy Me A Cameo – frosty satin mocha
  • Lady Like – elegant mauve
  • Chinchilly – sleek granite gray *
  • Merino Cool – autumn mulberry gray

The next two rows have a few Essie Gel Couture polishes (LOVE THESE), all of my Zoya colors, and then the last row is all Julep.

First Row:

Essie Gel Couture

  • Stitch By Stitch – ladylike pink *
  • Take Me To Thread – light taupe
  • Rock The Runway –  scarlet red
  • Dress Call – purple orchid


  • Dot – pale white pink
  •  Kimber – cherry red with gold shift
  • Zara – purple with gold shift
  • Neve – frosty royal blue
  • Monet – holographic glitter

Second Row


  • Kendall – fuchsia iridescent shimmer
  • Drew – Fuchsia creme
  • Bette – Neon Purple creme
  • Cassidy – beachy blue creme
  • Paula – Persian blue with gold microshimmer
  • Elaine – silvery purple glitter *
  • Queen Anne – Lilac microglitter 
  • Missy – titanium metallic*
  • Zelda  – pink champagne metallic
  • Tania – mermaid teal glitter
  • Laken – Azure iridescent shimmer 
  • Tara – copper chunky glitter topper
  • Amira – chunky holographic glitter topper
  • Karenna – pink and blue confetti topper
  •  Hartleigh – holographic heart glitter topper

On the next rack, I have all of my L’Oréal, OPI, a few Deborah Lippmann and one Nails Inc. polish.

First Row


  • Pink Me Up –  bubblegum pink creme
  • Sangria Splash – terra-cotta creme
  • Violet Vixen – purple pink creme *
  • Paparazzi Pleaser – purple creme
  • Skinny Jeans – bright island blue texture
  • Greycian Goddess – blue gray creme *
  • Sparklicious – chunky silver and gold glitter topper
  • Sexy In Sequins – dark purple with silver and gold chunky glitter texture
  • Rough Around the Edges –black with silver and gold chunky glitter texture

Sephora by OPI

  • Meet Me At The Disco – holographic glitter *

Second Row


  • Steady As She Rose – dusty gray pink lavender creme
  • Got a Date To Knight – sheer Barbie pink *
  • California Raspberry- pinky raspberry pearl
  • You’re Such A Budapest – periwinkle creme *
  • Show Us Your Tips – periwinkle shimmer *

Deborah Lippmann

  • 99 Luftballons – multicolor glitter in a red gel base *
  • Baby I’m A Star – rose gold glitter
  • Happy Birthday – multicolored glitter *

Nails Inc.

  • Brompton Place – bubblegum pink creme *

The last two shelves are random polishes, base, and top coats.
First Row

Butter London

  • Fruit Machine – lighter bubblegum pink creme *
  • West End Wonderland – gold glitter 
  • Buckie – purple frost with gold shift


  • Pink Bikini – watermelon pink *
  • Cake Pop – pale pink creme

Sally Hansen

  • Pacific Blue – bright island royal blue *

Formula X For Sephora

  • Relentless – bubblegum pink creme *
  • Free Fall – light frosty blue 

Second Row

  • OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
  • Essie Gel Couture Top Coat
  • Seche Vite
  • Seche Restore
  • Essie Gel Couture Top Coat (BACKUP)

Whew!  That’s it for my collection!  Anything else I need?  What’s your favorite nail color?

Thanks for reading! xx

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