Yellow Nails For the Summer 

Hello!  Today’s post is about a yellow nail color.  Up until just recently, I had NEVER tried a yellow nail polish.  Yellow is a pretty color, but on my nails…?  I thought having fair skin it would just look totally horrible on me, and it was pretty much out of my comfort zone.  As you can tell from my Nail Polish Collection, I tend to stick to pinks, purples, blues, and metallics for my nails.

I was recommended this color by my friend, @theworldofcos on Instagram.  She is amazing at doing nails, and has so many colors!  Go give her a follow!

She recommended this muted, pastel yellow color, OPI’s One Chic Chick to try as my first yellow.

I LOVE IT, and it reminds me of butter!

It’s not super bright or anything for being a yellow.  It is just the prettiest, springy yellow.
It went opaque in three coats, which is usually how many I do for light and pastel colors.  I topped it off with one of my favorite top coats, Seche Vite.

I can now say I am a yellow nail lover!  Do you like yellow nail colors?

xx amy

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