EAT | Burrito Bowl / Meal Prep

Hello!  I am always looking for healthier ways to feed my family, and also make dinner time fun.  These are what we call “burrito bowls”…and they’re similar to what you would get at Chipotle or somewhere like that.  Anytime I can incorporate southwestern flavor into a meal, it’s always a win with my girls!  Here is our favorite way to make our bowls.

What you’ll need:

  • rice
  • chicken fajitas
  • corn
  • bell peppers – green, red, yellow
  • tomatoes 
  • lettuce
  • shredded cheddar
  • salsa
  • tortilla strips
  • lime wedges

So the first thing that I do is cut up all of my veggies.

Then I make up all of my “hot” components.

Next, the garnishes.

I let my girls assemble, and they can pick exactly what they want for their bowls.

I don’t like to show my girls on here, but here is my littlest Ashley with her bowl she made.  So proud.

I usually start mine with a bed of rice, add the chicken, corn, peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes to the sides.  I then like to drizzle some salsa on the rice, add some cheese and tortilla strips, and squeeze a little lime on the top.  

Delicious and healthy.

Also, a really good meal prep idea.

I put the rice, chicken, corn and peppers in a container and then close that up.

In separate containers I do cheese, tortilla strips, tomatoes, and lettuce so that these can be cold when you place them in.  No one wants hot lettuce!

This would also be really good with black beans, guacamole, or whatever you like!  We didnt have any guac at the time 🙂

Hope you liked this and will try it out!

xx amy

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