Style Your Hair In The Shower? NEW From LIVING PROOF

I LOVE Living Proof hair products.  I live for their Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, and their Prime Style Extender Hair Primer.  They smell so good, and really do work.  

I recently saw a new product, the Perfect Hair Day In Shower Styler.  This came in a set from Sephora, including the full size Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo, and samples of the shampoo and conditioner.  I’ve tried the shampoo and conditioner before, and they’re nice- not worth the price, but they are nice.

I was really curious about the In Shower Styler.  This product is supposed to help with air drying your hair.  You are supposed to apply this to wet hair while in the shower, rinse for a few seconds, and towel dry.  After towel drying, do a braid or buns…or just leave it down to air dry.

This product comes in a 5 oz bottle, and smells just like the other Perfect Hair Day products- kind of a clean citrus scent.  The color is a white gel, and you are supposed to apply it from root to tip after shampooing and conditioning. 

 It then says to lightly rinse, towel dry, scrunch, and let air dry.  It suggests to do two buns, braids, or just leave it down.  It is supposed to give you effortless beachy waves without any heat.

I did exactly what the instructions said, and let my hair air dry.  I put it into two buns on the back of my head, which is one of the options shown here.  I figured with braids you’ll get more of a crimped look, and with buns you’ll get a wavy look.

I left the buns in overnight, and here is what it looked like the next morning.

No frizz, it just left waves.  I didn’t do anything to my hair this day at all.  I didn’t need to with this product.  It gave a lot of texture to the hair and it felt very smooth.

Normally when I let my hair air dry, it doesn’t come out looking this good, so this product definitely works.  Usually when I air dry, I will take a shower, rinse my hair, and THEN apply product.  This is easier, and I like the fact that you can lightly rinse it out.  It didnt leave my hair with a weighed down feeling, which I thought it would.  

I like this product a lot!  I will definitely be using this instead of heat styling.

Have you tried this?

xx amy

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