Easy Crafts For Kids 

Hello!  My girls (especially my 6 year old Allie) love to do crafts.  They are always asking me to do them and are always proud of their creations.  Here are a few that I thought I would share with you- these all mostly use household items (cups, spoons, tape, etc) so you may have everything you need already at your house!  Both of my girls ages 6 and 3 had fun with these.  Let’s get started.

1. Watercolor Painting

This painting project is really fun for Allie, but my three year old Ashley can also do it with some help.  

All you need is a blank sheet of paper and some masking tape.  You’re gonna tape up the page any way you like- just place the tape however you want on the page.  Allie was able to do her own tape, but I did Ashley’s.

Just have your kids paint the shapes inside the tape using watercolors.  Even if they can’t quite stay in the lines yet, it still works!

Once it’s dry, carefully peel off the tape, and voila!  Everyone’s picture will turn out pretty.

The best part is taking off the tape.  The girls were thrilled with the end result.

You can use these folded in half to make a birthday card, too- we did that!

2.  Plastic/Paper Cup Crafts


This one I’m sure is one everyone knows, but my girls LOVED this.

Just cut two small holes in the bottom of two plastic cups, run a string through each end, and secure with a paper clip.

Have them each hold a cup and stand at opposite ends of the room.

Make sure that the string stays taut, and that they hold the cup on their mouth so no air gets in.  They’ll be amazed at how they can actually hear each other!

Pom Pom Launcher

All you’ll need for this craft is a paper or plastic cup, a balloon, and some Pom Poms. Cotton balls also work.

Cut the bottom of the cup off.

Tie your balloon at the bottom and cut the top off.

Stretch the balloon over the top of the cup (not the side we cut)

Place a few pom poms in the cup, pull back on the balloon and you have a great launcher!  They loved this one.  The pom poms go far!

3.  Spoon Crafts

Spoon Girls

Draw a face on your spoon, use a cupcake liner folded in half as a skirt, and attach a little shirt and some hair with glue.  You could get really creative with this and use googley eyes or yarn as hair.  The girls loved these and even made a boy one for their Daddy.

Spoon Butterflies

 We also used the spoon with a face as the center of a butterfly by just cutting out a shape on a piece of paper and gluing it to the center.  We added antennas and jewels to it and there you go!  A beautiful butterfly.

4.  Treasure Hunt and Craft

Make a list for your kids of things to find outside and give them a ziplock bag.  They will have lots of fun finding everything on the list.

After they’re done, have them glue down their findings on a piece of paper.  They’ll be proud of what they found.

That’s it for today!  Let me know if you’d like to see more crafts!
xx amy

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