Fall Trend | Embroidery

A huge trend in fashion this season is embroidered flowers on clothing and accessories.  I personally really love this trend because I love flowers and this reminds me of the 90’s!  I remember buying  iron on patches at Gadzooks and putting them on things.  Here are some of my favorite embroidered pieces.

Ive talked about this sleeveless teal colored top with floral embroidery a ton recently on this blog, but I just LOVE it.  It comes in other colors, too.

Another top I love is this black cold shoulder tee with embroidered flower patches.  This is a little bit more dressy, and I love the placement of the embroidery.

Of course, these shorts I mentioned in my recent ZARA post.  I have been wearing these a ton, and they go with anything. They’re just a fancy version of denim shorts, but the high waisted distressed look just works with the roses.

For accessories, this little Topshop clutch is so perfect.  I have a full review and a “what’s in it” here. The embroidery is beautiful, and the pink studs give a little bit of edgy-ness. Love to wear this with a plain colored dress, or jeans and a white tee.

I am seeing embroidered shoes everywhere I go!  I have two shoe favorites here,  first are these little black velvet loafer flats with embroidery.  These are so freaking cute and are so perfect for transitioning to fall.  Similar style here.

Also, these denim wedges with the red rose embroidery are my favorite.  These remind me of the 50’s – something Sandy from Grease would wear!  They are so cute and comfy!  Similar styles here and here.

Do you like this floral embroidery trend?

Thanks for reading! xx

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