POWER HOUR | Cleaning Routine + Best Supplies?

Hello!  Today I am going to be sharing my everyday cleaning routine, and showing my favorite gadgets and cleaning products.  I like to devote time every day to clean.  I find that I can get all of my chores done for the day in an hour – sometimes less if I move fast.

Everyday I do the same chores.  I run the dishwasher every night, so I unload the dishwasher every morning.  This way, the dishes you use throughout the day can go right into the dishwasher.  No dishes in the sink.  EVER.

I also keep a very clean kitchen at all times.     I wipe down the counters and make sure everything is put away right after dinner, so the next morning it is nice and clean.

The other thing I do often is laundry, I do one load every OTHER day, and I wash the whites once a week.

Here is my cleaning schedule that works for me every week.

MONDAY – Wash linens (I wash everyone’s bedding, including the dogs beds and blankets) and I also give the dogs a bath.

You’re getting a bath Mollie, and so is your blanket.

My husband and I have all white bedding, so I wash and bleach the sheets to keep them super white, and then I wash the girls’ bedding, and then the dog’s blankets and beds in the washer.  So, three loads of laundry total.

I give the dogs a bath every week because they are inside dogs.  They are little, and they don’t shed, so it’s very easy to give them a bath and dry them.  The girls love to help me with this.

TUESDAY – Clean bathrooms – wipe down counters, clean sinks, empty trash, clean mirrors, clean showers and tubs.

I have been using this Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner in Geranium to clean all of the surfaces.  It is safe to use on my granite and my marble in the bathrooms, and it smells so good and leaves all of the counters clean.  I also spray this into the sinks and scrub them with a sponge.

To clean the toilets, I use a toilet cleaner without bleach (we have a septic tank and aren’t supposed to use bleach).  I also sometimes use my DIY Cleaners.

I use the all purpose spray to clean the tubs and showers as well.  If you do this once a week, they really won’t ever have time to get dirty.

For the mirrors, I use this glass cleaner and wipe down with a cloth.

I store everything in this caddy and bring it from room to room.

WEDNESDAY – FLOOR DAY.  Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors.

We only have carpet in the bedrooms.  For the carpet, I use my Roomba.  This works very well on carpet.  I place it in the room that I want, and shut the door.  In just 10-15 minutes, it’s vacuumed perfectly, and I move it to the next room.

We call her Rosie.

I keep all of my sweepers on this track system in the garage.

For the rest of the house, I use a broom and just sweep.  I feel like it’s the easiest way.  I pick up the piles with this tiny vacuum that I got on Amazon.

I also use this to vacuum up my two rugs that we have in the living room and playroom.  That’s really all I use it for since I have my Roomba.

To mop, I use this Rubbermaid Mop System.

  It has a refillable bottle that you can put any floor cleaner into (I use one cap of Fabuloso and fill the rest with water).  It has reusable, washable cloths that velcro to the bottom.  You squirt the cleaning solution out with the handle, mop it up, and then throw the cloth into the washer.  So simple and easy- and no waste.

THURSDAY  – Clean playroom and girls’ rooms (organize and put away things).

These rooms are clean, but not organized.  I put all of their toys away where they go and  clean up anything that may be on the floor. I also dust and make their beds.

FRIDAY – wipe down all windows, dust.

I use the glass cleaner to clean all of the windows in the house, and wipe down with a cloth.  I use this little swiffer duster to go around and dust everything in every room. My three year old Ashley loves to help me with this.

This may seem like a lot, but I like to do a little bit of cleaning each day, so that my house is always clean, and I don’t have to do everything in one day.  You’ll see that  if you do this every week, that you’ll barely have to do anything after awhile because everything pretty much stays clean.

I hope this post gave you some ideas and motivation to clean!

Thanks for reading xx

7 thoughts on “POWER HOUR | Cleaning Routine + Best Supplies?”

    1. Yes, I really can get done a lot in an hour!! Ok, I will check her out! I love organization too! Thanks Kristen!! 🙂

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