Sheer Pink Nails

I love the idea of a French manicure, but in a natural way. The white tips of the nails showing, and a very light pink polish over top.  Lately I have wearing this neutral look to my nails- it goes with everything, and is hardly noticeable if it chips.

I have been letting my nails grow, so they are fairly long for me, and I have been using Essie’s Ballet Slippers nail color to achieve this look.

I use two coats of this polish, and it gives the very sheer light pink that is exactly what I want.  

I think the result is so pretty and elegant, like having bare nails, except a little bit more polished and put together.

I read that this shade is one of Essie’s best selling nail colors, and 30 bottles are sold of it every hour in the United States alone.  It is also a favorite of Queen Elizabeth.  I can totally see why- it’s beautiful and elegant.

Do you like this look?

Thanks for reading xx

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