Rustic Farmhouse Decor | Tablescape and Kitchen

Hello!  Today I have a different type of post for you – about home decor.  I really love the “farmhouse” kind of a look in a home, with rustic looking wood and all the white. I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of inspiration!

We had our home custom built last year, so we were able to choose everything, and I chose as much white and lighter colors as I could. We live out in the country on a few acres, so I wanted a rustic (country but still glam) type of look.   Since we don’t have any homes very close to us, and don’t need blinds, I can use natural light.  I put up sheer curtains that I keep pulled back for decoration.

We have white stone on the exterior, a white stone fireplace to match, and white cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. I just love the look of a clean crisp white home. The color of the walls is a white color with a teeny bit of peach to it, so it does look different against the baseboards.
As for the flooring, we have a medium toned brown stained concrete that really pops against all of the white, and adds to the rustic feel.  I love the shininess of stained concrete, and no grout to clean!

Here is our breakfast nook, where we eat all of our meals.  We have a big window here, so I put up a bronzed  colored rod and sheer curtains, same as the living room.  On each side, I found these wooden square pieces with floral designs in the middle. These have a natural white distressed look.

As for the table, it is a darker wood color with two chairs on one side and a bench on the other.

I found a burlap table runner and a round slice of wood, and added some pretty faux flowers, a candle, and this copper looking round piece.  I added a little ceramic white pumpkin to it for the fall season.  I like how the gold touches give it a little bit of glam.

I have a few things on the top of the cabinets, but I don’t like a cluttered kitchen, so I tend to not keep a whole lot on the countertops.

I have this white vase with sort of a filigree detail, a wooden sign that says family in galvanized metal, and an antique looking white birdcage.

On the other side of the kitchen, I have another vase, but this one is kind of a bronze color.  I also have this horse statue that was kind of random, but I liked that it was wood, and sort of country.  I then have a black sign that says CAFE, and then above the opening to the hallway, I have this N sign with whitewash wood and flower detail.

Some little accents I have on the counters are a few pictures of my girls, these really cute white lace looking salt and pepper shakers, and a letterboard that I like to change often.

We do have a bar underneath three pendant lights, and it is longer on one side than the other, so we decided that three barstools would be perfect.

The legs are a distressed light gray color, and the cushions are a tufted material in a tan color, verrry similar to our couch, so I thought they would go nicely here.

That’s it for my kitchen area!!  I love the way that it looks and I hope I was able to give you some inspiration if you like this type of decor.

Thanks for reading! xx

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