BEST Drugstore Beauty Buys

Hello friends!  I am back with a beauty post for you today!  I have rounded up all of my favorite drugstore beauty products.  These products are the best of the best, and things that’s I have repurchased over and over.

Let’s start off with skincare…and teeth.

First off  is this Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion.  This is my all time favorite body lotion to use because it is pretty much unscented, and it leaves my legs so SHINY.  I don’t like scented body lotion at all, and this one doesn’t leave a strong scent.  It also isn’t oily or anything, but it makes my legs look shiny and smooth.

Another lotion is the Aveeno Skin Relief Overnight Cream.  This is a thick cream that I use to apply to my feet and hands at night before I go to sleep.  I have dry skin on my feet, probably because I never wear shoes, or from years of wearing heels.  Probably both.  This lotion really makes my feet and hands soft and moisturized without leaving a super greasy feel.  It is also unscented.

I like to use micellar water to remove my makeup, and this Garnier one is my favorite!  It removes all of my makeup, and if you don’t wash your face after, it’s ok!  It cleanses your face without water.

An old favorite of mine is this Freeman Lemon and Mint Clay Mask.  This is a purifying mask that clears out my pores and gives my skin such a fresh feeling.  I’m pretty sure I have been using this since high school!  Love it!

Lastly is the toothpaste my husband and I swear by- Arm and Hammer Extreme Whitening with Baking Soda and Peroxide.  This toothpaste cleans my teeth so well, and gets so foamy.  It really takes away any coffee or tea stains from my teeth, and I like how it isn’t as sweet as a normal mint toothpaste.

Next, some haircare favorites.  First is this Organix Eucalyptus and Mint Shampoo.  This shampoo has tea tree oil in it and it very minty and gives that invigorating tingly feeling.  My hair feels so clean after I use this, and I LOVE the smell.

For conditioner, you can’t go wrong with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.  It smells so good like coconut, and it leaves my hair silky and soft.  I use this on my girls’ hair also.

The It’s A Ten Miracle Leave In Product Plus Keratin IS actually a Miracle in a bottle.  I use this on my girls hair (and my hair) after I wash it.  It gets all of the tangles out, protects the hair from heat, smells amazing, and strengthens the hair.

I couldn’t mention drugstore faves without mentioning the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.  I use this dampened everyday to apply my makeup, and it gives a flawless finish.  I use the flat edge to pounce in my foundation, and the pointed tip to blend in my under eye concealer.

Lastly, Seche Vite Topcoat for my nails.  This topcoat dries super fast, and leaves nails shiny and perfect.  The smell is very strong, but I just work quickly with it.

These products do not disappoint!  What are your favorite products from the drugstore?

xx Amy

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