Products I Regret Buying

Yep, we’re doing it, we’re going there. We’re about to bash some products.


Let’s start with the two hair products I have here.

Ok, so you may remember this first gem from my recent beauty haul post from a few weeks ago. This is the Garnier Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream. So, this product claims to give you frizz control without heat styling. I don’t usually have frizz, so I’m not sure about that, but it did make my hair feel like a greasy sticky mess no matter how much I used. I ran some of this through my hair, let it air dry, and it still FELT WET. NO, Garnier, NO.

Next. WHY OH WHY do I continue to buy hair products made for kids? Why don’t I just stick to Its a Ten for my two girls who both have longer hair than me? This product is the FairyTales Static Free Detangler Spray. This “DETANGLER” sucks! First of all, it reeks, both of the girls said it smelled like their “stinky cheese crayon“. Also, this shiz doesn’t detangle or make hair feel silky AT ALL. If anything, it dries their hair out. Fail. Maybe this is meant for a baby with no hair. I don’t know.

Shall we even talk about this green cream that “transforms to a universal shade”??? No L’Oréal, not everyone is this shade of orange, tysm. This is the L’Oréal Anti Redness BB Cream. First off, to cover redness, the product has to STAY GREEN. This doesn’t, oxidizes, and turns orange.

Not only is it orange, but it is super oily and feels heavy and greasy on my skin. Yuck. HARD PASS, L’Oréal.

This pencil looked so promising! It is the Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencil, and I thought it would be close to that Estee Edit Pencil Liner that I loved. Unfortunately, it is not. It’s dry, it drags, and it’s not creamy and smooth at all. This has fairly good reviews, so maybe I just got a bad one?

Lastly, a mascara that is super weird. Why did I even think this would be good?

I love to try new mascara, so I thought this one looked pretty and interesting. This is the L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara. Unfortunately, the wand on this makes it so difficult to apply. Most of the wand is bare, but on the top there are some tiny spikes. This mascara is an extremely wet formula, and immediately clumped up on me. It weighed down my lashes and looked so bad. Also, is was VERY hard to remove, and it’s not even waterproof. I think I’ll stick to my Lash Paradise.

Alright, so I hope I helped you from wasting your money on this junk!

Thanks for reading xx

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