ERHMAGERD SERPHERA SALE!!! You KNOW I had to partake. I can’t pass up a discount there since everything is expensive and hardly ever goes on sale. Anyway, here’s what I picked up.

The first two things were actually gifts for my Mom’s birthday coming up.

The first thing is this Stella Rollerball Fragrance Duo. This has the original Stella fragrance, and the newer Stella Peony scent. My Mom loves perfume, and Stella is one of her favorite scents, so I thought she would like these two little travel sizes.

The other thing is this Loccitane Amande Set. This one is actually sold out now, but there are a bunch of other little sets. My Mom also really loves the Amande line from Loccitane, so this was perfect for her. The bag was really cute too.

Ok, now for me. 🙂

I LOVE Sephora haircare. Living Proof, Amika, Drybar, Bumble & Bumble…they’re my jams. I tend to use drugstore shampoo and conditioner, but for styling products…I go to Sephora!

First up, an old favorite of mine that I’ve mentioned over and over! The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo takes away any oil, adds volume, and smells great. Love it!

Another old favorite of mine is this Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. This is a texturizing sea salt spray that dries down MATTE. Doesn’t look crunchy or greasy, but gives the beachy waves I’m after. It also smells like a salty beach vacation. LOVE.

Lastly for hair is something I’ve been wanting for awhile. I had received a sample of this, and the teeny sample lasted me a month! This is the Living Proof Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate. You only need one tiny pump of this stuff (and I have long thick hair), and it’s like an oil that lowers blow dry time, smoothes, and leaves my hair super shiny. It also smells so good and comes in such a nice pretty glass bottle (my precious). Like I said, one pump is all you need, so this bottle will last forever!

Something a little bit boring I picked up was this Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner. I use this to clean all of my brushes and also my sponges, and gets every little bit of makeup off of them. It’s so easy and quick to use, suds up good, and rinses super squeaky clean. Love this!

Another product I have used before is this Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. I prefer powders to cream products while doing my brows, and this is the best powder out there. It is super pigmented, so a teeny bit goes a loooong way. Like 3 years long way. I use this and then I swipe on the Boy Brow, and I’m good to go all day!

Ok, I saved the best for last!

Go to right now and look at the reviews for this Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow. It has like 3500 five star reviews! I haven’t really been interested in this brand until I saw this (sold out) lipgloss in the store. They only had the tester, so I smelled it and looked at it, and I knew I had to order it! It smells like pink starburst! It is also BEAUTIFUL. It’s a rosy color with gold shimmer, it’s not sticky and OMG the packaging. I knew I’d love this.

Next. I’ll admit it, I am a 33 year old Mom, and I’ll tell you what, this Unicorn shiz just CALLS TO ME. It’s like if Lisa Frank made makeup! You should have seen my girls’ faces when i showed them this. This is the Too Faced Unicorn Tears Bronzer. I have been wanting a shimmery bronzer, and I mean, can we talk about the purpley iridescent UNICORN in the middle?! I can’t stop staring at it, and can’t even bring myself to swatch it. Maybe I’ll do a review when I finally decide to use it.

That’s it for the haul! I think I got some good new things to try!

Let me know what you’d like a full review on 🙂


4 thoughts on “SEPHORA SALE HAUL”

  1. I really want to try all of those hair products! they sound great. You said you had long thick hair, does that sea salt spray really give you beachy waves?

    1. They are all great. Yes, it really does! I spray it into my hair when it’s about halfway dry, and I scrunch it. My hair already has a slight wave to it, so it kind of just texturizes it and gives it a piece-y look. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      1. Ok, that’s exactly what my hair is like too, I will have to give it a try! Thanks 🙂

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