Life Changing PEEL OFF Base Coat

If you have ever painted your nails with solid glitter polish, YOU KNOW it’s going to be a pain to get off. You could try acetone, scraping the nails, the foil method…or you could just use a PEEL OFF BASE COAT, peel your glitter off in two seconds and be good to go. Sounds too good to be true, so I wanted to test it out.

This is the UNT Ready For Takeoff Peel Off Base Coat. I ordered this product from Amazon, but it shipped from China, so I had to wait a little while to receive it. This product has great reviews, and wasn’t too expensive at $13.


I started off with clean nails and made sure to swipe each nail with acetone to get rid of any oils on my nails. I applied one coat of the base coat to each nail and let it dry. It smelled a little bit different than regular nail polish, kind of like a glue smell. It also felt cold going on the nails. It was easy to apply.

Next, I took one of my favorite glitter polishes, the Nails Inc Polish in Rocket Fuel, a silver holographic glitter, and applied two coats.

After that dried, I applied my topcoat. I used the Essie Gel Couture top coat, but any top coat will work.

Finished product is nice and shiny.

Now, for the moment we’ve been waiting for…does it peel off?

I used a little manicure stick, (but you can also just use your nail on the other hand) and gently peeled it off from left to right.


Right hand.

Left hand.

Is this gross?

SO EASY! SO QUICK! Doesn’t leave any residue on my nails and doesn’t damage them by peeling. This stuff is amazing! No more scraping to get the glitter off, thank goodness.

Have you tried this?


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