Top 5 | Kitchen Products From Amazon

We all love Amazon, right? It’s just so easy, so fast, and so cheap! I love to use Amazon for things that either I can’t find in store, or for things that are cheaper than in-store. Today I am sharing my 5 favorite kitchen products.

So first off, microfiber cloths. These are perfect for cleaning all kitchen surfaces.

Drawer goals.

I am trying to cut way down on the amount of paper towels I use, so I try to use these microfiber cloths for everything. These are the perfect size to clean with, and they are pink! Love them.

Next, a life changing contraption – this little clip-on strainer.

Now, if you cook a lot, you know that every-time you cook pasta, you have to lug out a big ol strainer to separate out the water after the pasta is done. And then you have to wash said strainer. Not anymore with this little strainer that attaches to ANY size pan. You clip it on and you can dump all of the water out. LIFE CHANGING.

Ok, next thing are reusable straws.

Buying plastic straws is extremely wasteful and bad for the environment, so I buy the metal reusable ones. They come in lots of fun colors, and you can just pop them in the dishwasher.

Also, using parchment paper for baking used to be a must for me until I discovered these oven safe baking mats.

Use them just like parchment paper, and throw them in the dishwasher to clean. Nothing sticks to these!

Lastly is this adorable little strawberry gadget.

You just pop this into a strawberry, give it a little twist, and it takes out all of the stem, no knife required! My girls love this.

Ok, so that’s it for my 5 fave kitchen gadgets from Amazon!

Do you use any of these or have any product recommendations for me? Leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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