EAT | VIRAL Whipped Dalgona Coffee

Do you guys love coffee too? It’s one of the things in life that brings me great joy. Every morning, I drag myself to the coffee pot and just anxiously await my warm cup. I also love to have iced coffee or cold brew in the afternoon.

I’ve seen a ton of pictures and videos on this creamy whipped coffee, and I just had to try it out! I’ve made it three times now, and I’ve got my recipe down just perfect.

What you need:

  • 1 tbsp instant coffee (or two packets)
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp boiling water
  • Ice
  • 1 cup milk

Start off with a very small bowl and add your coffee grounds and sugar.

I used this kind, but any kind will do. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever had instant coffee!

Add your boiling water and stir to combine.

I am using a hand mixer to whip this together. I previously tried using a whisk (fail) and my milk frother attached to my coffee machine, but they just weren’t strong enough. I only put one beater into my mixer and it comes out just right.

Start mixing, and it will start to get foamy.

The more you mix, the lighter in color it gets.

Almost there, but too liquid-y. We want stiff peaks. Just keep mixing.

Perfect. You want a thick milkshake like consistency. It is a very weird consistency. Almost like taffy.

Fill a glass with ice and your cup of milk, and add your whip to the top.

Beware. Do not lick or try the foam. It is tempting, but it is STRONG. You gotta have the milk with it.

It is SO GOOD, like a coffee milkshake. As the foam starts to mix in with the milk, it becomes very strong! I can’t drink this all in one sitting, so I usually put it in the fridge and save some for later in the day.

My husband, who doesn’t even like coffee, said he liked this!

Have you guys tried it?

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Thanks for reading! xx

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