Easter 2021 | Eggs and Basket Ideas

Hello! Sunday is the big day, are you ready? If not, I am here to help! I have some simple and pretty inexpensive ideas that will make your kids so happy on Easter!

A little bit about my kids – I have two girls, Ashley is 6 and Allie is 9. Most of these ideas are for girls, but you could easily swap these things for the boy versions.

First off, the egg hunt. The egg hunt is always so exciting, but sometimes it is so hard to find little treasures that fit inside the eggs.

You can never go wrong with candy.

I got some unicorn fruit snacks, Reese’s cups, York peppermint patties, and candy necklaces. All easily fit into the eggs.

I found these little unicorn zip pouches that I thought were adorable.

I also found some bunny hair clips, some butterfly claw clips, small scented markers that look like candies, and press on nails.

Stickers are really great because I cut them up and stick some in a bunch of the eggs. Also, I found these pink dice – I know they’re random but my girls love to play the game YAHTZEE and I thought they would love having these.

I also found these little eggs that actually expand into washcloths when you put them into water.

Lastly, just some dollar bills and quarters. Cant go wrong with $$$. I was able to fill 60 eggs with all of this. I usually put a few things into each egg.

Now for the Easter baskets.

Here is Ashley’s.

Here is Allie’s.

This pink bunny is so so soft and cuddly. Ashley still really likes stuffed animals, so I know she will love this. I got Allie a hat because she isn’t very into stuffed animals and she will love this hat. Both of my girls play tennis, so they love to get hats and visors.

I got them both matching swimsuits, I thought the stripes and colors on this one was so cute.

I got them each a book and a movie, they both got a Barbie movie because they love those. Barbie Princess Charm School and Barbie Rockin Royals. Ashley got a Junie B Jones book, and Allie a Candy Fairies book. Both of them love those series.

I got each of them a water bottle, LOL Surprise for Ashley, and a pretty marble pattern for Allie. They can use these for tennis practice and school.

I also got them some floral springtime themed pencils, a strawberry push pop with a bunny on top, a chocolate bunny, and a package of LOL Surprise jelly beans.

I found this cute pair of pink flip sequin bunny ears for Ashley, and a pack of Easter themed earrings for Allie, who has her ears pierced.

So that’s it for the baskets. I’m sure they will love them.

I also bought them these matching tie dye dresses (they love to match) and some confetti eggs to put out with their baskets.

I always like to do a Easter Scavenger Hunt with clues. I found these online and copied them down:

I hide all of these clues around the house and then at the end it will lead them to one of these LOL Surprise dolls. They LOVE these and collect them, so I know they will be really happy.

So that’s it for Easter! I hope I gave you some ideas for what to do with your kids!

Thanks for reading xx

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