Top 5 | Springy Blushes

Hello my peeps! Today we are talking blush- pink blush, peach blush, shimmery blush, matte blush, cream blush, liquid blush…all the blush! How many times can I say blush?

Here are my top 5 picks for spring time!

We all know the first one, NARS Orgasm. The perfect, peachy pink color with golden shimmer. A universal blush for every skintone. I raved about it here. Still my fave!

Next up, another big time fave. Bare Minerals Blush in Call My Blush. This is a rosy matte pink color that is so pretty and natural. It is the perfect shade for every day.

Lastly, a blush that I have purchased at least three times, Tarte Dollface. This is also a matte formula, and is kind of a hot pink (but still light?). This color just WORKS and is buildable. It doesn’t look so hot pink on the cheeks but gives such a pretty and youthful look.

Here are the swatches. No filter on these.

I also have one cream blush and one liquid blush to share.

The first one is the ELF Multi-stick in Glistening Peach. I talked about it in my recent drugstore gems post, but wow is it beautiful. It is a peachy color with golden shimmer, and the consistency is so creamy and blends perfectly. It looks so fresh and glowy on the skin.

We have another NARS blush, but this time it is their liquid formula in the color Torrid. Don’t be afraid of it’s pigmented and dark appearance, if it works for my fair skin, it will probably work for you! It is a peachy orange color (hear me out) with a golden shimmer. Used LIGHTLY, it is GORGEOUS. I apply the slightest pump to my hand, dip my brush in and swirl it around to get some of the product off, and then apply to my cheeks. It is so pretty, and you will never run out!

Here are the swatches!

Have you tried any of these? What is your favorite spring time blush?

Thanks for reading xx

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