Reading Wrap Up | April

I just finished reading my last book just in time for this reading wrap up! This month I read two thrillers and a family drama. I still have not read The Guest List by Lucy Foley, which was the top thriller/mystery of 2020! I need to get my hands on it ASAP! Have you guys read it?

Anyway, here is what I read in April!

The Accident by Natalie Barelli

This book was so good! It was about a lady named Katherine who makes friends with Eve, to thank her for saving her elderly mother from choking at the nursing home she lives in. One night they are drinking and get into a terrible accident, Katherine is driving and Eve assures her everything will be fine and she will make it all go away. Katherine soon finds out that Eve isn’t who she says she is and finds out the truth about her.

The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher

This book was a family drama type, if you like books like Big Little Lies, then you will like this. It was about a family of two brothers who are both married with children. One of the wives, Maggie, discovers that her husband’s brothers “perfect” marriage isn’t really what it seems to the outside. As she befriends her sister-in-law Lara, she uncovers secrets that rips the whole family apart.

This book is really juicy and drama filled!

The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

My favorite of the month was this one. This was a thriller with tons of twists and turns. It kind of reminded me of Gone Girl. Sadie is the main character with a husband and son. She moves to Maine with her family to inherit her husband’s sister’s estate. Along with the estate comes the woman’s sixteen year old daughter, who is extremely troubled. When a murder happens in their small town, everyone is distraught and can’t make sense of it.

This book was pretty scary in some parts, and definitely a page turner. There were a bunch of twists along the way too. I really liked this one!

That’s it for my reviews for April! What have you been reading lately?

Thanks for reading xx

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