Reading Wrap Up | March

I read some really good books this month! One book, The Guest List, I have been waiting so long to read and finally finished it. I love doing these mini book reviews, so if you love reading as much as I do, maybe this will inspire you to pick up a new book! Here’s what I read:

Recursion by Blake Crouch

Blake Crouch is one of my favorite authors. He writes these sci-fi thrillers that keep me on the edge of my seat. This one, Recursion, is no different. This is a story about a man, Barry Sutton, who is investigating a mysterious illness where people are having memories of lives that they have never lived. Barry eventually meets a scientist, Helena Smith, who is inventing a machine that will change peoples lives and the world.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

This was the top book of 2021 and I’m glad I finally got to read it! This is about a wedding taking place off of a remote coast in Ireland, and the drama that ensues between the wedding party guests. There are deep and dark secrets shared, how the characters are connected, and eventually a murder. This book was full of twists and surprises.

The Therapist by BA Paris

When I saw BA Paris released a new book, I had to have it! She is my favorite thriller author, and known for her shocking twists. This book was about a couple, Alice and Leo, who moved to an exclusive community called The Circle. Not long after moving in, Alice discovers a secret about her home and it’s dark past. Soon the neighbors start to show their true colors and things are not so perfect in The Circle.

That’s it for my reading wrap up!

What did you read this month?

Thanks for reading xx

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