Reading Wrap Up | July

I finally caved and bought a Kindle! I know, I know, there isn’t a better feeling than turning the pages of a good book, but a kindle is just so convenient! I LOVE it. The screen is not like a phone; there isn’t a glare, and it’s so lightweight so you can take it anywhere. I’ve been reading so much more since I got it.

Anyway, you are here for some book reviews, and I have four to share with you!

Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn

I have just discovered Gillian Flynn’s books these past few years and I really love them. I found out that this book was made into a series, so I wanted to read it before I watched the series, and omg. I loved the book AND the series. I love reading a book and then watching the screen adaptation.

This book was really good, it was a psychological thriller about a reporter who goes back to her hometown to investigate a murder. She stays with her estranged family, and they’re super creepy. I didn’t see the end coming at all, and I thought about this book for days after I finished it.

The Twin By Natasha Preston

This book was also a psychological thriller and it was honestly, just ok for me. It seemed to be kind of for a younger audience. It was about twins who are school aged and have divorced parents. They previously each lived with one parent, but are forced to live together since their mom died. The twins don’t get along and couldn’t be more different. One of the twins gets obsessed with the other and well, I can’t tell you the ending but it was just kind of lackluster. I guessed how it would end and I usually can’t!

The Good Sister By Sally Hepworth

This book was also about twin sisters, but was more of a family drama. It was really good and had a lot of twists and secrets! It was about two very different sisters, and how they lead two very different lives. Fern is shy and innocent while Rose is more outgoing. Fern wants to do something nice for her sister, so she decides to have a baby for Rose since Rose can’t have children. She plots to find a father for the baby, all while she plans this as a surprise for Rose. The plot was actually crazy, but it was a very entertaining read!

Local Woman Missing By Mary Kubica

This book is a suspense thriller about a woman who goes missing, and then not long after, a woman and daughter who go missing in the same town. These cases go cold, but then 11 years later, the daughter shows up, alive. The town is shocked and they all want answers as to where the women are. This book is very suspenseful, and has some good twists.

That’s it for my reading wrap up! What books have you read this month?

Thanks for reading xx

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