Friday Fave | NYM Dry Shampoo ($5 and THE BEST)

It’s summer, it’s freakin hot (102 today here in Texas), and I don’t FEEL like washing my hair. It’s not actually the washing so much as the blowdrying and styling which takes foreeeeverrrr.

That’s why I turn to my BFF, the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.

I get this dry shampoo from my local Walmart for a little under $5 ($4.79 to be exact), and it is just everything.

It comes in a larger bottle than most dry shampoos; it is 11.2 oz, which is a pretty big can.

It is UNSCENTED. Yes, finally yes, a dry shampoo that says it is unscented and actually is unscented. It comes in different scents but this is the one I want. I don’t want to smell like dry shampoo.

When you spray this, it is powder that comes out. It’s not sticky, it’s not liquidy, it is just powder. I hate when sprays like this feel funky or like hairspray in the hair. It’s just powder.

This product promises to instantly absorb the oil in your hair and to refresh it without water. True, true, true. It also says that there is no visible residue. If you’re a brunette, you know the struggle. There’s always a residue, but I know how to fix that.

So, let my tell you how to use it so that you can have your dirty hair looking better than ever!

1. I spray this into my roots before I want to take a shower. I make sure to lift my hair at the roots and hold the can pretty far away while I spray it.

2. Next, without brushing it, I pull my hair into a bun and take a shower. This will give it time to “soak in”.

3. When I get out of the shower, I let my hair down and brush the dry shampoo through my hair. This will eliminate any white residue.

4. The next thing I do is hit it with the blow dryer. Yes, I know it’s a pain, but it’s the only way any dry shampoo will work. Putting a little bit of heat on it dries up the oil and really helps your hair to be refreshed. Just hit the spots with the blow dryer real quick, brush it, and it will feel good as new! Then you can curl or whatever. I usually curl or wave day one and the curls last till day three. I usually don’t go past day three.

If you are looking for a great dry shampoo and don’t want to spend a lot, you should definitely try this out! I love it, and it’s all I use now!

Thanks for reading xx

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