Gucci Mini Jackie | Bag Review and What Fits

When I was in high school, I had this perfect little Guess brand denim shoulder bag that I was obsessed with. It was totally 2000’s, fit perfectly under my arm, and held my little pink and white Nokia phone and roll on lipgloss.

Ever since then, I have loved denim bags. I have collected a few over the years, two of them being on the verge of vintage, a Fendi Baguette and a Louis Vuitton Mini Pleaty. Both of these were purchased in the early 2000’s, so almost vintage! I can’t wait to pass them down to my girls someday.

A few months ago, I added a new bag to my little denim collection, a Gucci Mini Jackie! Honestly, I’ve never been interested in the iconic Jackie bags, until I saw this mini version in DENIM.

When they say this bag is a mini, they ain’t lying. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. I love teeny and impractical bags. I don’t care if it fits my phone! My phone is usually in my hand anyway.

You can’t fit it on your shoulder, so it is a top handle bag, but it does come with a crossbody strap. I don’t think it looks cute crossbody, so I just carry it like this. Here it is next to my phone to show you just how teeny it is! My phone DOES fit in this bag if you turn it sideways.

It has the same closure as the regular size Jackie bags, which is so cute and I love the gold hardware.

It also has a little pocket inside that I usually put cash in, but you can fit cards.

Ok, so let me show you what fits!

  • Dior Lip Glow Oil in Pink – my favorite lip oil!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm in Glittergasm – a sheer pink glittery balm
  • Ariana Grande Cloud Rollerball – love this scent!
  • Black Amazon sunnies – my fave!
  • A card case and some cash – I know some people don’t like carrying cash but I like to always have some!
  • Car keys and a little keychain my daughter made for me
  • Listerine strips – a MUST! These fit in every bag and I don’t like having to chew gum or mints
  • Boscia blotting papers – for my greasy face
  • A Mickey scrunchie from our recent Disney trip!

Everything fits nicely!

Overall, I love this little bag. If you are into tiny bags, you’ll love it too. It also comes in a few different colors and prints, and there are leather versions.

I hope you liked this post! I am crazy about handbags and could talk about them all day! Are you nosy like me and like to see what people have in their bags? 🙂

Thanks for reading xx

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