Friday Fave | My Custom MAC Eyeshadow Quad

I used to be the queen of eyeshadow palettes, I had every palette and barely got through any of them. I would never use up all the shades! Now, I only buy small palettes where I use most of the shades.

I have always loved MAC eyeshadows, they are some of the best, and I love how you can make custom palettes. I used to have a huge one, but it was so old that I eventually tossed it. A few months ago I made a custom quad, and I love it. It has everything I need and all my favorite MAC shades. Here it is!

On the MAC website, you can purchase this palette empty, and then buy the eyeshadow pans to fill it up. The empty palette is $12, and the pan refills are $9 each. So the total for this palette is $48, which is spendy, but you can hand pick the exact colors you want, so you know you’ll use them all. The pans are magnetic so they sit right in the palette and they don’t fall out.

I tend to like cool toned eyeshadow, it just looks better with my skin tone, so the colors here are pretty cool toned.

The first shade is Nylon, which is a pale gold color with an icy shimmer to it. This color is beautiful as an inner corner highlight, and also so pretty on the lid.

The next color is All That Glitters, which is darker and more beige, with a golden pearl sheen. This color is my go-to all over the lid color. It is so pretty and neutral but still a pop with the pearly sheen.

Next up is Satin Taupe, which is a darker smoky taupe color with some silver shimmer. I love to wear this for night time all over the lid or just in the crease, I use it to also smoke out the bottom lashline.

Lastly is Espresso. This is just a chocolatey brown matte color. I use this color so many ways. I can use it as liner, I use it to deepen up any eye look, I can drag it under my lashline for some definition, and I can also use it to fill in my brows.

Here are swatches of all the colors! I didn’t use a filter on any of these pictures so you could see the true colors.

nylon, all that glitters, satin taupe, espresso

As you can see, these colors are so so pretty and perfect for everyday! MAC has a ton of shades to choose from. This palette is so nice to have, it’s all I ever need, and the perfect size for travel.

Thanks for reading! xx

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