Best Amazon Products For KIDS

What did we do before AMAZON? I don’t even remember of a time without it! It makes finding random things so much easier than searching around in a store. I have a few Amazon posts if you want to check them out! Amazon Accessories Amazon Kitchen Products Amazon Home Products I use Amazon a lot … Continue reading “Best Amazon Products For KIDS”

KIDS | Clipboards for Chores and Reading + Book Recs From the Girls!

Hello! Today I am sharing my girls’ clipboard system that we use for their chores and reading. We aren’t on any kind of schedule since it is summer break, but I do like the girls to have set chores to do every day and also read every day. We also aren’t planning on returning to … Continue reading “KIDS | Clipboards for Chores and Reading + Book Recs From the Girls!”

How To Keep Kids Busy | Our Homeschool and Daily Schedule

Hello! It is a crazy time in the world right now, and the kids are out of school! So far in my area of Texas, the schools are canceled this week, but to be honest, I don’t see them going back to school for awhile. I have a 5 year old in Kinder, and an … Continue reading “How To Keep Kids Busy | Our Homeschool and Daily Schedule”

MOMMIN’| What To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Summer break is officially here and I am so excited! I get to hang out with my two little BFF’s every day and do fun things with them. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas and creative ways to entertain these little bears, so I thought I would share some ideas with y’all! I … Continue reading “MOMMIN’| What To Do With Your Kids This Summer”

3 Fall Crafts For Kids

I love to do crafts with my kids.  They really enjoy doing them, and are always proud of what they make.  My girls Allie and Ashley are 6 and 3, so it’s usually pretty easy to come up with crafts that they both like.  Today I’m going to be showing you three fall themed ones … Continue reading “3 Fall Crafts For Kids”