EAT | Back to School Lunch Ideas

My little bear Allie started FIRST GRADE this week, and I thought I would share some lunch ideas with you all.  It can sometimes be difficult to come up with things to put into a lunchbox that do not require heat.  Allie prefers to bring her lunch everyday- and I prefer it too.  I like … Continue reading “EAT | Back to School Lunch Ideas”

EAT | Back To School – Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas!

My little bear Allie is starting kindergarten in just a few days, and I am on a mission to make her the best lunches ever!  Who wants a boring sandwich every day?  Not me!  Even if you aren’t a mom, you can use these ideas too.  These are for everyone! I don’t like to use … Continue reading “EAT | Back To School – Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas!”

New Blog Name | Back to School Lunch and Snack Ideas!

Hello! Welcome to my new (ish) blog! I recently changed the name from Amy’s Beauty Diary to its new name, The Hustlin’ Homemaker. I did this because I want to create content that is not just exclusive to beauty. While I love doing beauty posts, I want to be able to post about anything, whether … Continue reading “New Blog Name | Back to School Lunch and Snack Ideas!”

EAT | Lunch For One – Tortilla Pizza

So, being a stay at home mom with kids in school (they abandoned me), I often find myself eating lunch alone. I’m not going to make a big meal just for me, so I’m always looking for quick ideas. On the rare occasion that I get tired of eating a sandwich (I’m the sandwich queen), … Continue reading “EAT | Lunch For One – Tortilla Pizza”

Best Amazon Products For KIDS

What did we do before AMAZON? I don’t even remember of a time without it! It makes finding random things so much easier than searching around in a store. I have a few Amazon posts if you want to check them out! Amazon Accessories Amazon Kitchen Products Amazon Home Products I use Amazon a lot … Continue reading “Best Amazon Products For KIDS”