It’s Gloss Time | My Top 5 Lip Glosses

I’d say out of all the makeup products, lip gloss is my favorite. It’s the makeup item that I buy the most, and the item that makes me the happiest. Nothing is better than applying a fresh coat of lip gloss to instantly look and feel better! I like all types of gloss, (cream, shimmer, sheer, etc.) so today I am sharing my top 5 faves of the moment.

Here they are in all their glory!

1. Dior Lip Oil

Dior Lip Glow Oil in Pink

Now, technically this is a lip oil, but it feels just like a gloss to me. I love the packaging right down to the giant doe foot applicator. The formula is oh so smooth and non-sticky. Very sheer but does give a hint of pink to the lips.

My daughter Ashley is helping me out with the swatches today :). She also loves lip gloss!

2. Tower 28 Jelly Lip Gloss.

Tower 28 Jelly Gloss in XOXO

Like the Dior, this is another sheer formula, but has more color to it. This gloss is so smooth and non-sticky. It comes in a bunch of colors, but I love this hot pink one!

3. NARS Afterglow Gloss

NARS Gloss in Turkish Delight

This gloss is more of a cream formula, and is just the perfect pale pink shade. Like the others, it is very smooth, and this one is a teeny bit sticky, but it LASTS.

4. Sephora Glossed Lip Gloss

Sephora Gloss in Wild

Ok, so this one is a shimmery one! This is a beautiful shade that is a purple blue shift and is so pretty on the lips. These glosses are so good and there is a huge color range. My girls were fighting over this one and asked me if I would buy each of them one too.

5. Pat McGrath Lust Gloss

Pat McGrath Gloss in Blitz Gold

I know this one looks scary in the tube, but OMG can Pat McGrath can do a shimmery gloss. This gloss gives the prettiest golden shimmer look to the lips, but in a sheer way; my lips still look pink when I wear it. These glosses are luxurious and feel so nice on the lips. No chunky glitter, just shimmer.

Here are swatches of all five:

Pink, XOXO, Turkish Delight, Wild, Blitz Gold

That’s it for my favorites! What is your favorite lip gloss?

Thanks for reading! xx

Friday Fave | NYM Dry Shampoo ($5 and THE BEST)

It’s summer, it’s freakin hot (102 today here in Texas), and I don’t FEEL like washing my hair. It’s not actually the washing so much as the blowdrying and styling which takes foreeeeverrrr.

That’s why I turn to my BFF, the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.

I get this dry shampoo from my local Walmart for a little under $5 ($4.79 to be exact), and it is just everything.

It comes in a larger bottle than most dry shampoos; it is 11.2 oz, which is a pretty big can.

It is UNSCENTED. Yes, finally yes, a dry shampoo that says it is unscented and actually is unscented. It comes in different scents but this is the one I want. I don’t want to smell like dry shampoo.

When you spray this, it is powder that comes out. It’s not sticky, it’s not liquidy, it is just powder. I hate when sprays like this feel funky or like hairspray in the hair. It’s just powder.

This product promises to instantly absorb the oil in your hair and to refresh it without water. True, true, true. It also says that there is no visible residue. If you’re a brunette, you know the struggle. There’s always a residue, but I know how to fix that.

So, let my tell you how to use it so that you can have your dirty hair looking better than ever!

1. I spray this into my roots before I want to take a shower. I make sure to lift my hair at the roots and hold the can pretty far away while I spray it.

2. Next, without brushing it, I pull my hair into a bun and take a shower. This will give it time to “soak in”.

3. When I get out of the shower, I let my hair down and brush the dry shampoo through my hair. This will eliminate any white residue.

4. The next thing I do is hit it with the blow dryer. Yes, I know it’s a pain, but it’s the only way any dry shampoo will work. Putting a little bit of heat on it dries up the oil and really helps your hair to be refreshed. Just hit the spots with the blow dryer real quick, brush it, and it will feel good as new! Then you can curl or whatever. I usually curl or wave day one and the curls last till day three. I usually don’t go past day three.

If you are looking for a great dry shampoo and don’t want to spend a lot, you should definitely try this out! I love it, and it’s all I use now!

Thanks for reading xx

Glazed Donut Nails (At Home)

If you haven’t heard, Hailey Bieber has started a major trend online; her “glazed donut nails” have gone viral and it’s all over TikTok!

Here is a pic of her nails. They are sheer and they have that pearly look about them that is so pretty!

Now, the way that she does it is at a nail salon, she gets a sheer milky white or pale pink color (she has actually mentioned OPI Funny Bunny) and she has the nail tech use a chrome nail powder (OPI Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can) over the top, and it gives a pretty pearlescent sheen. It is really gorgeous.

I fell in love with these nails, so I tried to re-create the look at home using the nail colors I had.

First up is the pinkier version. I used Essie Gel Couture in Sheer Fantasy, which is a super sheer pale pink color, and Nails Inc polish in Cosmic Blur, which is an iridescent white pearl with color shift.

I layered one coat of the Cosmic Blur, waited until that dried, and then one coat of Sheer Fantasy. I love the way this turned out!

Next up is the more white (and more opaque) version. I used a thin coat of OPI Funny Bunny, which is a sheer white cream, and ILNP Keepsake, which is a pale cream with micro holographic shimmer.

I did one coat of Funny Bunny, and one coat of Keepsake and I think it looks a little more nude, but I love the look of it. I think this one is my favorite of the two.

I just love this nude trend! It’s like the natural nail look, but more polished and classy.

Do you like this trend? What is your favorite nude nail color?

Thanks for reading xx

Quarterly Empties | Products I’ve Used Up

Welp I’m a month late with this empties post, but I still want to share some mini reviews on things I’ve used and loved!

Let’s start with some hair care.

This Dove Dry Shampoo is one of my favorites, it really does help with the oil in my hair and adds some volume. The fragrance is a bit strong, but it dissipates quickly. I would repurchase.

I like to use a texturizing spray in my hair when I curl or wave it. This Kristen Ess one is really nice for that, and adds the perfect amount of texture without making it crunchy or dry. It just gives the curls and waves a less “done” look and makes them look more beachy. I already repurchased!

Another texture spray that I tried was the Living Proof Dry Volume Texture Spray. I also liked this one! It is pricier than the Kristen Ess one, and it did exactly the same thing. I prefer the Kristen Ess one because it is cheaper and I like the smell more. I probably won’t purchase this.

I always use the Garnier Micellar Water to remove makeup; I’m sure it’s been in every empties post I’ve done! I use this on a makeup eraser cloth and it takes all of my makeup off super easy and then I go in with cleanser. Already repurchased!

I just raved about the Tree Hut Shave Oil in my recent favorites post HERE, and I just used up the Coconut Lime scented one. I use one pump on each leg when I shave, and it makes my skin so smooth and soft. I really noticed a difference when I started using it. They have a bunch of scents; I saw a watermelon one yesterday, so I am going to try that one next. Already repurchased!

Do you guys use oil blotting sheets? I use them in the summer when my skin gets a bit oily because I don’t like putting powder on when it’s hot. They absorb all of the oil without taking off my makeup. The Boscia ones are good, but really any brand works! Already repurchased.

If you know my blog, you know I’m a die hard Bare Minerals fan! There is nothing better than their Original Powder Foundation, but geez, why is it so messy?! It gets everywhere. Anyway, I used one up, and I actually bought a MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation compact. I like the finish of the BM more, but the Studio Fix does the job and is way less messy. The BM really does give a skin-like finish and is the light coverage that I love. I would repurchase it, even though it makes a mess on my counter.

Oh, Tarte Shape Tape. I can’t live without you. No concealer I have compares to this one, it has the mega coverage I need for my dark circles, and I just love it. One tube lasts me like a whole year. Already repurchased.

The L’Oréal Lash Paradise is also in every empties post; it is my favorite because it lengthens, volumizes, and holds a curl. I recently tried this Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, and dude, I love it just as much. I repurchased both.

Lastly, a little baby Lawless Forget the Filler Gloss. I LOVED this gloss! It smelled good and the formula was so smooth and non-sticky. I noticed a slight plumping, but nothing crazy and it isn’t spicy. I would repurchase this.

That’s it for the empties!!!

Thanks for reading xx

July Beauty Faves

Hello friends! I’ve got a bunch of summer approved beauty faves to share with you today! I have been loving all of these products and using them nonstop this summer.

I have to talk about this Tree Hut Shave Oil. This is the second bottle of this that I have purchased, and I can’t live without it now! I used to just use body wash to shave my legs, until I discovered this. I use this in the shower, applying one pump to each leg, and my razor just glides. I get such a close and smooth shave. SO SMOOTH. Not to mention, this one in Tahitian Vanilla smells divine, and I would also recommend the Coconut Lime scent. So summery and perfect.

I have tried every self tanner known to man, and these Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops take the cake! I pump some body lotion into my hands, add 6-7 drops of this into the lotion, and rub it into my skin. It is so easy, and leaves such a pretty tan. It doesn’t make me orange, and doesn’t smell THAT strongly of self tanner. I love how easy to use and foolproof this is.

For hair, my girls and I have all been using this RedKen One United Multi Benefit Spray. This is one of those multi use products that you spray in the hair after washing and conditioning, and it had a whole bunch of benefits to your hair. It detangles, protects from heat, adds shine, smooths the hair, etc. It claims to do 25 things! My girls and I really like this one, and it smells good too.

Cream/liquid blush is the move this summer! I have tested out a whole bunch, and I absolutely LOVE this Saie Liquid Blush in Chilly. This comes with a giant doe foot applicator, and I place one dot on each of my cheekbones. I usually just blend it out with my fingers, but it works good just blending with a normal blush brush too. It gives theeee prettiest color and glow (no shimmer) and lasts all day long. This package will last forever too, since you only need a tiny bit.

Here’s a swatch!

Saie Blush in Chilly

Next up is my favorite thing ever, the Dior Lip Oil. This stuff is really hard to find and super popular, and for good reason. The packaging is perfection (duh, Dior) and it glides so smooth on the lips and looks so pretty. It comes in a bunch of shades, but this Cherry shade is my favorite. I also have the pink shade. All of the shades are very sheer, and they feel like a light gloss, not sticky whatsoever. They’re always in my bag!

Lastly for the faves, this NYX HD Concealer. I like minimal makeup for summertime, and this concealer is great for that. I use this under my eyes and around my nose, and it provides really nice, skin-like coverage. It’s the best everyday concealer! I wear the shade Alabaster.

That’s it for my July Faves! What have you been loving this summer?

Thanks for reading xx

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