The BEST Metallic Nail Colors

Sparkly nails are always pretty, always in style, and add some extra glam to any outfit. Here are my favorite ones.

My number one favorite is this silver metallic color by Julep called Missy.

This is ONE COAT of this polish, and you can see that it has perfect coverage. This is the third bottle of this polish I have purchased, and it goes on so smooth, not streaky, and dries fast. The glitter in this polish is gorgeous!

Next, since we have silver, we have to have gold! This is Essie Gel Couture in Daring Damsel.

This is more of a soft champagne gold color, not as sparkly as the Julep, but more metallic. This one takes two coats and is a little bit streaky when applied, but it’s a beautiful gold color that goes with everything!

I LOVE this one; OPI in Cozu-melted in the Sun.

This is like a deep rose gold color with golden shimmer. This takes only one coat and is just a beautiful pink metallic. This color is very unusual and I don’t have anything else like this.

I really love Essie because I feel like they always have the best colors. This one is called Sil Vous Play.

This is a deeper purple-pink color with silver shimmer. I get so many compliments when I wear this one! Two coats and you’re good.

Lastly, an Essie color called A Touch of Sugar.

This color is a light rose gold. This is fairly sheer, so I usually have to do three coats, but it’s worth it! This color is so pretty for the summer.

What are your favorite sparkly nail colors?

Thanks for reading!


Top 5 | Shimmer Shadows

Hello! Do you like shimmery eye shadows? I LOVE them!!! It is rare that I do an all matte eye. I like to use matte colors to blend, but always need some shimmer or glitter on the lid!

Here are my favorites!

So first, we have the star of the show. The Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Smoky Storm. This is a liquid shadow that is chock full of sparkly glitter. One swipe of this, and it is opaque sparkle. I did one swipe on the swatch below. It is a taupe-y bronzey color and it so gorgeous. You can use it as eyeliner or just on the lid.

Next is a cream pencil shadow that I featured in my recent September Faves post. This NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha is a bronze colored pencil that is so so pretty on the lid by itself or as eyeliner. It is smooth and glides onto the eye for such an easy look. Unlike the Stila, this pencil doesn’t have glitter, it just gives a metallic sheen.

Next is an eyeshadow that I have repurchased because I love it so much. This may be my favorite eyeshadow of all time. It is the Burberry Eye Colour Glow in Nude 002. This color is a silver metallic taupe color that gives the most beautiful sheen. The texture is so smooth and luxurious.

I had to include one of my favorite MAC shadows, Sable. This is a warm toned medium brown shimmery color. MAC makes some of the best eyeshadows in my opinion, and this one has been a favorite for years.

Lastly, a lighter toned shade, this is the Urban Decay Moondust shadow in Starlight. This is a peachy toned metallic shade with silver shimmer. This color is so pretty on the lid and even as an inner corner highlight. It gives a fresh glow to the eyes and is really pretty. Urban Decay’s Moondust shadows are all really nice quality.

Now for the swatches!

From l to r : Stila Smoky Storm, NYX Iced Mocha, Burberry Nude 002, MAC Sable, UD Starlight

Do you love them?!

What are your favorite shimmer shadows?

xx amy

September Beauty FAVES

Hello! September is over and it is officially fall! Today I have my beauty faves to share with you, and a lot of them are old faves that I have recently rediscovered. Oldies but goodies.

Here they are!

Let’s start with the makeup.

This magical powder is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. This is a setting powder that gives a blurred look to the skin. It’s hard to put my finger on WHY I look so much better when I use this. It’s not shimmery or glittery at all, but it gives my skin an extra somethin’ somethin’. You know what I mean. It comes in a bunch of shades but this yellow-y one speaks to me. This is the second one I’ve purchased. It’s pricey, but it will last you a long time.

Next is the Bare Minerals Prime Time OG Primer. Now, I’m a big Bare Minerals Foundation fan, I wear it every day. I also wear this primer underneath it every day! I have heard people talk about powder foundations, saying they can’t wear them because it sinks into lines and pores, makes them look dry, etc…and to that I say, try this! It’s a soft silicone-y feeling primer that dries down fast and matte, fills in pores and gives a lovely smooth canvas. It’s a must have, even if you don’t wear powder foundation.

Ok, next up is an oldddd fave. So old in fact, I made my very first blog post on it. Back in the Amy’s Beauty Diary days. I cringe at this post, but here it is in all its glory. 2013 y’all. Anyway, I still love it. It’s the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rose. It comes in a bunch of colors now (like 16!) but rose has always been the fave. It smells amazing like lemon cake, and it is so moisturizing and luxurious. I use this pretty much every day and it gives just a hint of color. I have two backups!

Next is also a really old fave that I recently repurchased after I read an article about how Meghan Markle does her makeup. She uses a shadow stick like this NYX Jumbo Pencil in Iced Mocha. Now, in addition to wearing a brown pencil eyeliner (I do that too!) she uses a jumbo pencil cream shadow all over the lid and smudges it under the lashline. So yeah, I remembered this little guy from BACK IN THE DAY. It is so pretty, why did I stop using it?! It’s such a nice bronze-y metallic color, SO easy to blend and is so quick! Love it.

Here are some swatches of the pencil and the lip balm (and my blue veins).

Next up is a nail color I have loved since just about the beginning of summer. It’s an Essie color (no surprise there); the packaging just calls me! They always have the best colors. This color is A Touch of Sugar. This color is a sheer light pink with some golden shimmer. It looks like a really light rose gold. It is GORGEOUS.

Two more faves!

Sometimes I like to self-tan, and this one was my favorite all summer! This is the Loving Tan 2 HR Express. This is a foam, and I use it with a tanning mitt. I buff it in, wait around for about 2 hrs, and then rinse it off. It gives the best color. Not orange-y at all, and it lasts a solid week for me!

Lastly, a dry shampoo. I have always been a Batiste fan, but I hadn’t tried this scent, the Clean and Light Bare. Some Batiste scents are super overpowering, but I really like how this one is barely scented. Sometimes the scents give me a headache. Batiste is the best dry shampoo because it absorbs oil, and really makes my hair feel clean and volumized.

So, that’s it for the faves! What have you been loving this month?

xx amy

Life Changing $10 Amazon Face Mask

Hi friends! I know we all use a face mask every once in awhile, they are so good for deep cleaning and exfoliating the skin. I know that they can get pretty spendy (umm Glamglow??) I’ve used masks from every price range, and I think, for a deep pore cleansing, you can’t get any better than this one from Amazon.

The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

This has over 15,000 five star reviews on Amazon. Whoa. It retails for $9.99, and comes in a ONE POUND container. There’s enough in here to last you a lifetime.

This mask claims to be the world’s most powerful facial, and is supposed to deep clean pores. It doesn’t contain any fragrance, harsh chemicals, and it’s not tested on animals.

So, this isn’t exactly a mask, yet. It’s a powder.

You mix equal parts of powder and water (or it says ACV, but I’ve never tried that). I usually do a 1/2 tsp and it’s plenty.

It’s a goopy mess, so that’s what we want! It is a light green color, and pretty chunky.

Time to apply!

Am I pretty yet… and did I actually post this picture on the internet?

So, you leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and it gets really tight…then you rinse it off with warm water.

BOOM, poreless face. It makes your skin feel so clean, so smooth, and just, perfect.

Have you tried this?

Thanks for reading!


Top 5 | Lip Glosses

Are you a lipstick girl or a gloss girl? I feel like I’m both…! I love a matte lip, but also a glossy shiny lip! Today I am sharing my 5 favorite lip glosses. These are all non-sticky, too. I cannot stand a sticky lip gloss!

First off, my FAVORITE one of all-time. The Dior Lip Maximizer. This is not only a lip gloss, but a plumper too. When I first started using this a few years ago, it only came in this color, but now it comes in a bunch! The color I have is just Pink, and it’s a very light pastel pink, and smells like vanilla. It doesn’t add much color, but it is oh so shiny and it tingles a bit when applied. It plumps the lips ever so subtly, and is just the perfect lip gloss. It’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s fave, too.

My second favorite lip gloss formula is the Nars Lip Gloss. Like Dior, it is smooth and non-sticky. The color I have is Love Me Do, which is a bright hot pink. I love this for summer, it is so so pretty on the lips. This lip gloss doesn’t really have a smell.

The next one is the Winky Lux Disco Lip Gloss. I have tried all of the different colors of this gloss, and they are STUNNING. When first applied, they come off as clear, but then they change into a pretty pink color, and they are chock full of shimmer. They also smell like vanilla, and I LOVE THEM. This color is Hustle, but all of the colors are pretty.

This Fenty Beauty Gloss in Fenty Glow was the original color of this gloss. This is a more neutral color, a rosy mauve color with some golden shimmer. This gloss smells just like Hawaiian Punch and I love the big applicator. This is just a go-with-anything type of gloss.

Lastly is technically a balm…but it is just as shiny and shimmery as a gloss so I wanted to throw it in here. This is the Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com. The smell of this, you guys. The smell. It smells like a Funfetti cake, but in a REAL way. It is clear, but chock full of glitter. It is so so pretty and really hydrating. I love this stuff. It comes in a bunch of different colors/flavors, but I LOVE this one. Love the holo packaging, too.

Here are the swatches…they don’t really do them justice at all though, especially the shimmery ones.

From left to right – Dior, Winky Lux, NARS, Fenty, and Glossier.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

xx Amy