Gucci Mini Jackie | Bag Review and What Fits

When I was in high school, I had this perfect little Guess brand denim shoulder bag that I was obsessed with. It was totally 2000’s, fit perfectly under my arm, and held my little pink and white Nokia phone and roll on lipgloss.

Ever since then, I have loved denim bags. I have collected a few over the years, two of them being on the verge of vintage, a Fendi Baguette and a Louis Vuitton Mini Pleaty. Both of these were purchased in the early 2000’s, so almost vintage! I can’t wait to pass them down to my girls someday.

A few months ago, I added a new bag to my little denim collection, a Gucci Mini Jackie! Honestly, I’ve never been interested in the iconic Jackie bags, until I saw this mini version in DENIM.

When they say this bag is a mini, they ain’t lying. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. I love teeny and impractical bags. I don’t care if it fits my phone! My phone is usually in my hand anyway.

You can’t fit it on your shoulder, so it is a top handle bag, but it does come with a crossbody strap. I don’t think it looks cute crossbody, so I just carry it like this. Here it is next to my phone to show you just how teeny it is! My phone DOES fit in this bag if you turn it sideways.

It has the same closure as the regular size Jackie bags, which is so cute and I love the gold hardware.

It also has a little pocket inside that I usually put cash in, but you can fit cards.

Ok, so let me show you what fits!

  • Dior Lip Glow Oil in Pink – my favorite lip oil!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm in Glittergasm – a sheer pink glittery balm
  • Ariana Grande Cloud Rollerball – love this scent!
  • Black Amazon sunnies – my fave!
  • A card case and some cash – I know some people don’t like carrying cash but I like to always have some!
  • Car keys and a little keychain my daughter made for me
  • Listerine strips – a MUST! These fit in every bag and I don’t like having to chew gum or mints
  • Boscia blotting papers – for my greasy face
  • A Mickey scrunchie from our recent Disney trip!

Everything fits nicely!

Overall, I love this little bag. If you are into tiny bags, you’ll love it too. It also comes in a few different colors and prints, and there are leather versions.

I hope you liked this post! I am crazy about handbags and could talk about them all day! Are you nosy like me and like to see what people have in their bags? 🙂

Thanks for reading xx

It Girl Fashion Accessories

You know the girl. She’s effortless, cool, casual, but always put together. Today we are gonna get the look from some cute accessories.

First up, a belt bag, but if you’re a millennial like me, you’ll know this as a FANNY PACK.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

I’m gonna try to link this, but they are super popular right now. I’ve had mine for a year or so, but recently they’ve blown up on social media and everyone has them! The hype is real, though. They are so easy and convenient, they are hands free, and go with any casual outfit. They are especially cute with athleisure, and so roomy! I even did a Whats In My Lululemon Belt Bag post, check it out here!

It even looks cute with my bum uniform, a tank top, joggers, and a hoodie! My daughter Allie, who is a preteen, has a Lulu one in a hot pink color, and she LOVES hers. See? GEN Z APPROVED! Here is a similar option from Target if you can’t get your hands on the LULU.

Next up, some fun hair claw clips.

Claw clips are so trendy and soo cute. They are totally 90’s, and I love to wear them! Between me and my girls, we have a TON, but these are our favorites. We wear them by gathering up all of our hair, twisting it upward, and then using the clip to hold it up.

Ashley is ready for her model moment. The girl loves to accessorize!


The flower clips and butterfly clips are from Amazon, and the gold one is from Ulta.

Gold jewelry is also crucial to the look of an IT GIRL.

I love the look of this gold coin choker, and these medium sized chunky hoop earrings. I pair this choker with my name necklace that I never take off, and I love the combo. Both of these are from Etsy.

These chunky gold hoops dress up any look and just instantly make you look put together!

Next up, some slides.

I know athletic slides are really on trend, and I do love those, but I love these embellished slides MORE.

Love the clear strap and the little champagne gold colored beads. These are so cute and can dress up any outfit. I love to wear these with sundresses or just jean shorts and a tank. I’ve also seen slides embellished with pearls, and those are so cute too.

Lastly, chrome nail color.

I did a post on Glazed Donut Nails last week, and I for one, am loving this trend!

These colors are so pretty and shimmery, but without the chunks of glitter. Essie Jingle Belle is a silver chrome, OPI Happy Anniversary is a white pearl, and Essie Love At Frost Sight is a frosty silver light blue color. All of these are gorgeous on the nails, and give that chrome look.

Alright, well that’s it for my It Girl fashion trends! What trends have you been loving lately?

Thanks for reading xx

DIY Daisy Rings

The 90’s must really be back! I used to LOVE to make these daisy rings when I was in middle school and now I am making them with my girls (and one of them is starting middle school!)

These rings are so cute and very on trend with fashion right now. We love making them in all different colors and matching them to our outfits. They are so easy to make, so here’s how we do them!

Here’s what you need:

Seed beads. We found these at Michael’s. We love how they had an assortment of shiny and matte colors.

String. This is the tricky part. We had to try a couple of different types of string before we found the winner. You want string that is stretchy, and it also has to be 0.3mm or less. The beads are super small, so a larger mm string won’t work.

You also just need some scissors, and that’s it. Oh, and you’ll need some patience because these rings take some practice.

Ok, I’m switching over to my coffee table because the string was invisible on my usual laundry room counter top. Yes, that’s where I take my pics. There’s really good lighting in there! haha

First thing you want to do is measure out your string. It’s better to have too much than not enough. I do about 8 inches.

Select your bead colors. We chose red, purple, and blue. Red will be the petals, purple on the inside of the flower, and blue for the spacers.

Start off with the center of the flower. We wanted that to be purple, so put that bead on first. Then, place three petal beads on next to it.

Take the right side of the string and put it through the last petal that you put on, and pull it tight.

This is what it will look like when you pull it tight, it makes one half of the flower. Next, add three more petal beads on the left.

Now you’re going to take the string from the left side, and loop it through the top petal. Pull tight!

It makes a little flower! Now, add three spacer beads and repeat the flower.

Here is what you have at the end! I find that doing 5 flowers with spacers and a few extra spacers at the end gives me a perfect fit. I wear ring sizes 5-7 on my fingers.

Tie the ends a few times (we triple knot) and trim the ends, and there you go! A cute little daisy ring.

We make these three different ways, the flowers with the spacers, flowers with no spacers, and then one flower with the rest spacers.

My girls and I have so much fun making these! We hope you will love making them too!

Thanks for reading! xx

My Christmas Wishlist

I’ve never done any kind of gift guides or wishlist posts, so I thought it would be fun to share some ideas with you today! Here is what I am asking for from my family for Christmas.

So, yeah, books. Any time anyone asks me what I want, I usually tell them book titles. These are the top ones on my list – all thrillers.

I Am Watching You – Teresa Driscoll

The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

The Housekeeper – Natalie Barelli

All of these are on Goodreads best thriller lists, so I know I’ll like them!

Next up, some fashion items.

I always like to get some new jammies for Christmas and these from Target are so cute and I love the thermal material.

These are some faux leather leggings on Amazon with amazing reviews! I love how they aren’t shiny, but different from regular leggings. You can dress them up or down.

I asked my sister for this; the Bedhead Waver. I’ve been wanting this for awhile, I love wavy hair, and this promises pretty beach waves and looks so easy to use.

A couple of beauty things; this Michael Kors Eau de Parfum smells so good, I love floral scents so I really like this. I love the bottle too.

Lastly, Revitalash. I have been using this for the past couple of months, and it has DRAMATICALLY changed my lashes. They are huge and full and thick. I’m asking for the big tube. It’s very pricey, but worth it!

That’s my wishlist! What are you asking for?!

Thanks for reading! xx

What’s In My Bag? | Vintage LV Mini Looping Bag

I love to read “What’s In My Bag” posts. Maybe I am nosy, but I find it so interesting to see what other people carry around in their bags. Today I am showing you what is in mine!

I am currently using my VINTAGE Louis Vuitton Mini Looping Bag in the monogram canvas. This bag was given to me by my husband about 12 years ago for our anniversary. It was actually my second LV bag that he got me, the first being the Speedy 25 in the Damier Azur canvas. I have a What’s In My Speedy post if you want to check it out HERE.

So, I looked online, and any bag over 10 years old is considered vintage. So some of my bags are vintage now because I got a lot of them in my 20’s! I’m old.

Anyway, back to the bag. This is one of my favorite designer bags that I own. It is the perfect size, and I love how it just has the one strap. This bag was discontinued, but you may be able to find it pre-owned.

So here’s what I keep in it!

LV Mon Monogram Card Case – I got this for my birthday last year, and it took 3 months to get to me! They make these to order, and I was so happy with how it came out. I keep all of my cards in here, and it’s the perfect size.

Gucci Key Holder – I have this to hold my keys so that they don’t scratch the inside of the bag, and I love the pink interior. I don’t see this on the website anymore, so I linked what they have.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme in Pink Punch – review on this amazing gloss coming up on FRIDAY!!!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose – the OG.

Invisibobble Hair Ties – having two girls with long hair, they always need a hair tie!

Replica Flower Market Fragrance – my current fave floral scent!

My favorite black aviator sunglasses (similar ones here)

Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray – I love this stuff, I have the lavender scent.

One Protein Bar in Peanut Butter Pie (in case I get hangry) – these are SO GOOD. I buy them by the case.

So, that is it, that’s everything! I don’t like to carry around a lot; just what I need.

Thanks for reading ! xx

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