Five Fashion Faves For Friday

Hello!  Today I am sharing some accessories that I have been loving lately!  It’s still pretty hot here in Texas, so it’s not QUITE fall fashion time yet, but I have a few things that can work for fall too 🙂

First off – this navy blue sun hat that I picked up from the Nordstrom during the sale.  I think that navy blue is such a flattering color for dark hair, and this hat isn’t too floppy or too stiff- it’s just right.  Being outside so much with the kids, it’s important to protect my face from the sun.  I wear this pretty much every time I go outside!

I couldn’t find the exact one, but I linked a similar style here

The next thing aren’t really new, because hoop earrings have always been my favorite thing and type of earring to wear.  I especially love gold ones- these in particular, because they are so thin.  I also picked these up during the sale.

I love how they look peeking out from my hair, and they go with absolutely everything.  The bigger the hoop, the better!

The next thing are Fanny packs.  Yes, they’re baaaack and they’re totally cute.  You can just call them “belt bags” if you want!  I have one that I wear with workout clothes, and one that I wear with regular clothes.  This one fits my phone just perfect, and even has little reflective trim on it.  I picked it up from F21!

They’re so convenient and hands free!  Similar style here.

Next are loafers.  These are totally in for the upcoming fall season and I am loving them!  They dress up any outfit and look stylish while still being comfy.

I love the embroidery on the black ones, and the gold hardware on the leopard ones!  So CUTE.  Similar loafer styles here.

Lastly are these phone cases.  I recently got a new phone and I got a few cases for it.  The first one here is cork with gold throughout, and the other is clear with pink floating glitter inside. 

 I just love to have a cute phone case, and it’s fun to switch them up.

That’s it for the accessories I’ve been loving!  I’m looking forward to fall fashion posts coming up soon!

xx amy

I Went to ZARA 

Zara has always been one of my favorite shops.  They always have the latest trends, and literally everything in there calls to me.  It’s just really my style.  Kind of casual, but with a dressy type of flair to it.  I don’t get to go to the actual store very often because it’s about 45 min away…as is pretty much every store except Walmart, but I do get a chance to go every now and then.

I recently picked up a few thangs.

These are their High Waist Floral Bermuda Shorts.

As soon as I saw these, I knew I needed them!  The embroidered flowers are totally 80’s- they remind me of Guns N Roses!  I love that they are distressed and high waisted.  I’m totally into the “mom shorts” trend.

Next, I picked up this skirt.  This is the Frilled Miniskirt.

First off, I love the color.  They call it khaki, but I think it’s more of an army green.  I feel like this color really flatters my skin tone and I just love the soft material.  It has a nice thick waistband and it’s tiered.  It’s a short skirt, but not too short.  I also love this with a plain white tank.

Then I saw this Frilled Floral Print Dress.

If you can’t tell by now, I LOVE FLORAL.  I also love ruffles and “frills”, so when the two are combined, it is heaven!  I love how girly and swingy this dress is.  It’s a light material, and I feel like you could really dress this up or down.  I could also throw a jacket on it and it could take me into fall.

The last thing I have here is this T-shirt with Pleated Sash Belt.

I love black and white stripes, and these flowy sleeves are just everything!  This is so comfy, but still a casual t-shirt.  It could be dressed up or down, too.

Do you guys like ZARA?

x amy

A Lil Baublebar HAUL

I was ON A MISSION for some beaded tassel statement earrings.  Baublebar came through with the Pinata Tassel Earrings in Hot Pink.  They have tons of colors to choose from, but I loved these and especially the gold detailing.


And I got some other things too.

I got this two pack of gold chokers- the Patrina Choker Set, one has a chain of little ovals, and one with a chain and teeny crystals.  Love them both together or on their own.

They are adjustable, so you can make them as long or as short as you like.

Lastly, a FREE GIFT.  Yes, when you spend $50 or more on their website, you get to choose a free gift.  There were two necklaces and three pairs of earrings.  I picked out these beauties – the Gemini Ear Jackets.

These have a front and a back piece, so they look really cool.  I love how they are kind of spiked.  So cute.

You can save 15% off by signing up with your email address!

Have you ever shopped with Baublebar?

xx amy 

*this post is not sponsored by Baublebar – everything I purchased myself, and all opinions are my own*

Red, White, and Blue

The Fourth of July is my all time favorite holiday – and it’s coming up!    What’s not to love?  Time to barbecue, relax, and just chill with friends and family!  My favorite part, of course, is the the super cute fashion 🙂

You bet I (and my girls) will be all decked out in our red white and blue!  I get them new dresses and accessories every year, and they love it as much as I do.

Here are some of my favorite things to wear.

A patriotic bag and sunnies are a definite must.  I bought this bag a few years back from Nordstrom and it is still one of my favorite bags.  It is small and crossbody, but it fits a ton!  Can we talk about this distressed fringe?  Sooo cool, and gives that 70’s boho feel.  I love this bag.  It’s not available anymore, but I found a few on poshmark here.

Also, these flag sunglasses are very cool, and perfect for an outside barbecue.  Similar ones here.

We’re gonna need an outfit.

I’m keeping it casual this year- I have a ton of Fourth of July themed tops, dresses, and skirts, but this is what I picked this year.  A simple off the shoulder tee that reads LOVE, and some distressed denim shorts with stars and stripes detailing on the inside pockets.  I love the shirt kind of messily tucked into the front of the shorts.  Very cool.

Here is the top on me, so you can see the shoulder detail.

If you don’t have anything like this- white shorts with a red or blue striped tee would be cute, or just anything red white and blue!  I would love a pair of red shorts for next year.

Some fun nails are definitely necessary- and you don’t have to be a nail art expert drawing on stars and stripes.  I like to just paint my nails different colors and I think it looks really cute and patriotic.

The blue I love is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, which is the prettiest bright royal creamy blue.  For the red, I love Essie Gel Couture in Rock the Runway, because it’s bright and the perfect red (it’s on my toes too).  I like to do a silver to give it some sparkle, and Julep Missy is my favorite opaque metallic silver.  For the white, I chose Essie Sweet Souffle because it’s got a little bit of gold iridescence to it that is gorgeous.

Also- a red lip like MAC’s Ruby Woo is so pretty and dresses up the look.  This is the perfect matte red.

Our doggie groomer even put red white and blue bows on Maggie and Mollie.  We were thrilled!

Happy 4th everyone!

xx amy

Current Fashion Faves

Hello!  Today I’ve got a few fashion faves for your Friday.

Have y’all noticed how popular slide sandals are this summer?  I have been seeing them everywhere, and I’m loving this cute and comfy trend!  You can go casual or dressy with them.

I know, the pink Birkenstocks might not be for everyone…but they’re definitely FO ME.  lurve.

Another thing that I have been wearing a lot are bralettes (see last fashion post) and this strappy one in particular.  I like to wear this underneath a regular tank or top and it gives a cute strappy detail that pokes out.

date nite tho.

Now I am always up for a good wedge shoe, and these are ADORABLE and go with everything from dresses to shorts.  Since they are a wedge, they are so comfortable, and I love the zipper detail.

Colorful earrings are always a summer staple for me.  I love drop earrings with big colorful stones because they instantly dress up the outfit.  I actually like not matching up the stone with the color that I’m wearing to keep it interesting.

Lastly is this sleeveless top with some pretty embroidery detail.  This has a really cute tie at the waist that cinches in.  I’ve been wearing this top with white shorts, and I even wore it with a blue jean skirt the other day and it was so cute.

What are your current fashion faves of the moment?

xx amy