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Hello! Today is a special day for Amysbeautydiary! I started my blog 5 years ago today and this is my 580th post. I love writing on this blog and sharing it with all of you. Thanks for all of the support. Now, onto the post for today!

One of my most favorite and most iconic of all of the Louis Vuitton bags is the Speedy. It goes with everything, it’s roomy, and it’s just so darn cute.

This bag is an oldie, but a goodie, as it is the first LV bag I ever owned. My husband bought it for me about 12 years ago for my birthday, and it is still very special to me.

Out of all of the prints, the Damier Azur is my favorite. I love the white summery look of it, and also the brown vachetta trim.

The size of mine is the 25, which is the smallest that it comes in, and I still find that I can fit everything that I need in it; it’s very roomy.

I have this pink organizer for the bag that really helps me to find things quickly. Without it, things just go to the bottom and I can never find them again! I really like this, and it comes in lots of colors; I just like the pink. I have been using this bag for a the past few weeks, so I’ll show you what’s in it!

I have two pouches in here, one for cards, and one for cash. My card case is the Louis Vuitton Multicolor card case. I bought this when I heard they were discontinuing the multicolor, because I didn’t have anything in the print and thought this was cute. It holds all of my cards and has a side pocket.

I also have a little white zip pouch from the dollar spot at Target to hold cash and coins. For my keys, I have a Gucci six key holder (discontinued) that I’ve had forever. I hook my keys onto the rings inside and they don’t scratch up my bag. I actually don’t even have to ever take this out of my bag; I don’t need my key to open the car or start it, but I do have to have it in my purse.

My sunglasses are gray gunmetal colored aviators from Zero UV. They are comfortable and only $10! I also have an extra pair of gold hoop earrings in here- I wear hoops every day and these are some of my fave ones because they’re super thin.

I’ve got a bunch of lip products in here as usual- MAC Soar Lipliner, Fenty Gloss Bomb, Essence Lipstick in Natural Beauty, Maybelline x Gigi Hadid in McCall, and Wet N Wild 903C.

I like to carry a fragrance, so I have a refillable perfume sprayer that I have some Chanel Coco Mademoiselle in.

I also have Tylenol, some natural remedy motion sickness tablets, Kleenex, Honest Hand Sanitizer, Altoids Smalls, Tic-Tacs, and my favorite bars- the Luna Protein bars. I love these and eat at least one everyday. My favorite is the Salted Caramel. They keep me full and are delicious.

So, that’s all I have in my bag! Thanks for reading!


Five Fashion Faves For Friday

Hello! I love making fashion posts, especially when I get to talk about the trends that I am currently loving. I also love to read fashion posts, because it gives me inspiration to try new things. Here are some cute ones to try!


Ok, so this trend is BIG right now and I LOVE IT. I think these tops are so feminine and flattering. I love how they look flowy and girly. Get the look here.

The first one I have here is a shorter sleeve baby blue balloon sleeve top. I love this color and the fabric is thick, almost like sweatshirt material. So comfy.

This next one is more flowy and long sleeve. I love the blush (my color of life) and how dressy this is.


The next thing I’ve been doing is mixing metals. My husband got me a new silver watch for Christmas, and even though I don’t wear a lot of silver jewelry, I love this watch. I have just been mixing my gold bracelets along with it, and I think it looks really nice. I’ve also been mixing in gold rings with my silver ones.


I am so NOT a sneaker person, but I’ll make an exception for these. I love to wear these with leggings and a cute top, and they are so comfy and cute. I get so many compliments on these when I wear them…maybe I am a sneaker person now? Get them (on sale!) here.


These are so hot right now for the winter, and I really like the look of them. They are still comfy leggings, but a little bit more dressy. I especially love these leggings with a faux leather panel on each side. So cute. Get the look here.


I love high waisted jeans. They are so flattering, and remind me of the 80’s, which I love. These particular ones are a skinny fit and have a zip ankle. Get them here.

That’s it for my fashion faves! Have a good weekend 🙂


Fall Trend | Embroidery

A huge trend in fashion this season is embroidered flowers on clothing and accessories.  I personally really love this trend because I love flowers and this reminds me of the 90’s!  I remember buying  iron on patches at Gadzooks and putting them on things.  Here are some of my favorite embroidered pieces.

Ive talked about this sleeveless teal colored top with floral embroidery a ton recently on this blog, but I just LOVE it.  It comes in other colors, too.

Another top I love is this black cold shoulder tee with embroidered flower patches.  This is a little bit more dressy, and I love the placement of the embroidery.

Of course, these shorts I mentioned in my recent ZARA post.  I have been wearing these a ton, and they go with anything. They’re just a fancy version of denim shorts, but the high waisted distressed look just works with the roses.

For accessories, this little Topshop clutch is so perfect.  I have a full review and a “what’s in it” here. The embroidery is beautiful, and the pink studs give a little bit of edgy-ness. Love to wear this with a plain colored dress, or jeans and a white tee.

I am seeing embroidered shoes everywhere I go!  I have two shoe favorites here,  first are these little black velvet loafer flats with embroidery.  These are so freaking cute and are so perfect for transitioning to fall.  Similar style here.

Also, these denim wedges with the red rose embroidery are my favorite.  These remind me of the 50’s – something Sandy from Grease would wear!  They are so cute and comfy!  Similar styles here and here.

Do you like this floral embroidery trend?

Thanks for reading! xx

How to Style | Denim Midi Skirt

Hello!  I am back with another How To Style post for you!  Denim skirts are having a major moment right now in fashion, especially the longer “midi” length that hit mid-calf.  I absolutely love denim skirts, and I think this length is really cute and can transition right into fall.

The skirt I am going to be styling today is a midi length, high waisted, has some distressing on the front and fraying at the bottom, and a slit up the middle.  It’s definitely a statement piece.  These skirts are a bit tricky to style, because you don’t want to lose your waist and look shapeless in them.  Here is what I came up with!

Outfit 1

For this outfit, I paired it with an embroidered teal colored tank.  I tucked it into the skirt to show the high waist detail.  If you wear this with a baggier top like this one, tucking it in really defines your waist.

Love the embroidery detail.

I added some flat sandals with a teal and zebra printed detail (similar here), a tote, and finished it off with some large gold hoop earrings.  This outfit was perfect for walking around the mall with my girls.

Outfit 2

This outfit is very casual – I paired it with a little red and white striped cropped tee.  I love the tie waist on this top.

I added some slip on sneakers and a little crocheted backpack (similar style here).  I kept the jewelry minimal, and grabbed my black aviators.   Really good for running errands or going to the park.

Outfit 3

This outfit is definitely the dressiest, but still very comfortable.  I am wearing the skirt with a mauve colored bodysuit (similar here) – so it’s really fitted and I love the strappy detail at the top.

I have some black wedge heels (similar here) on, and a cute little embroidered clutch.  I added a gold watch, and of course, my gold hoops.

Do you like denim skirts?  Which outfit was your favorite?

Thanks for reading! xx

Five Fashion Faves For Friday

Hello!  Today I am sharing some accessories that I have been loving lately!  It’s still pretty hot here in Texas, so it’s not QUITE fall fashion time yet, but I have a few things that can work for fall too 🙂

First off – this navy blue sun hat that I picked up from the Nordstrom during the sale.  I think that navy blue is such a flattering color for dark hair, and this hat isn’t too floppy or too stiff- it’s just right.  Being outside so much with the kids, it’s important to protect my face from the sun.  I wear this pretty much every time I go outside!

I couldn’t find the exact one, but I linked a similar style here

The next thing aren’t really new, because hoop earrings have always been my favorite thing and type of earring to wear.  I especially love gold ones- these in particular, because they are so thin.  I also picked these up during the sale.

I love how they look peeking out from my hair, and they go with absolutely everything.  The bigger the hoop, the better!

The next thing are Fanny packs.  Yes, they’re baaaack and they’re totally cute.  You can just call them “belt bags” if you want!  I have one that I wear with workout clothes, and one that I wear with regular clothes.  This one fits my phone just perfect, and even has little reflective trim on it.  I picked it up from F21!

They’re so convenient and hands free!  Similar style here.

Next are loafers.  These are totally in for the upcoming fall season and I am loving them!  They dress up any outfit and look stylish while still being comfy.

I love the embroidery on the black ones, and the gold hardware on the leopard ones!  So CUTE.  Similar loafer styles here.

Lastly are these phone cases.  I recently got a new phone and I got a few cases for it.  The first one here is cork with gold throughout, and the other is clear with pink floating glitter inside. 

 I just love to have a cute phone case, and it’s fun to switch them up.

That’s it for the accessories I’ve been loving!  I’m looking forward to fall fashion posts coming up soon!

xx amy

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